Thursday, August 16, 2012

And We're Back.. #BB14

The backyard looks like the woods--very rural.  They have to shuffle back and forth on a very slippery surface with cups of liquid.  It is hard and some of them are already crawuling, like Ashley and Danielle.

The largest container is the HOH prize.  There is one half as large that is a $10,000 prize.  And a much smaller one that brings safety, or immunity for the week.

After watching on TV, I can't imagine some of them getting very far with this.  I'm calling Shane as the HOH, but I guess we can let it play out before they crown a winner.

So now we're back Shane is winning the HOH race, and Mike is "chasing the paper" and yelling "Clean Game Running"!

Ian is crawling now, and Ashley can barely do that.

I don't know why Mike is laughing--he's not safe if Shane wins.  Shane is about a quarter of the way there.  Ian is going after HOH too but is a few inches below Shane, crawling part of the way.   Ashley is in bad, bad shape and I hope someone runs to CVS for her pills tonight.

Dan has never done a competition like this, and says he never wanted to.  Ashley is only 1/4 of the way there filling the safety bucket.  Frank says Britney is tearing it up, and looks like she's power walking at the mall.

I think Britney's going for safety, and it sounds like she's going to win. 

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  1. My husband thought Britney looked taller during this comp. Maybe it was her ambition, ha!


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