Friday, August 31, 2012

About Last Night... #BB14

Although preempted by the NFL games, I was able to watch the CBS show live through an internet link.  Thanks to the people who contacted me with various ideas for that.

A couple of thoughts.

1.  I thought Britney's dress looked like something a performer at Opryland would wear.  You know, a clogger.

 She looked pretty in it, but c'mon....on the live feeds she bragged about how it was one-of-a-kind from a "little boutique in New York City".  Honestly I was waiting for her to do a little jig on the front steps of the house.

2.  I enjoyed the segment on the Brigade and was totally surprised by that.  I guess they had to fly all of those guys in somewhere to tape it since Britney's nomination on Monday afternoon.  It certainly was the Enzo Show, wasn't it?  I didn't think Hayden said one word, but I just checked the tape and he did say about 5 words but the camera wasn't on him at the time.  I wanted to get a better look at what was going on with his hair, frankly.

As a former Big Brother winner, that's kind of sad, isn't it?  Don't look for Hayden to appear on All Stars.  Danielle wants to hook up with Hayden---shocker!

3.  And I loved that they showed Matt's Halloween costume he wore for Hoffoween.  A funny and great tribute to his friend Britney.  Britney was in her Goth Pageant Phase when that picture was taken, apparently.

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