Monday, July 16, 2012

Yes, It's Monday...

I am sorry to lure you in under false pretenses, but this is a rare off-topic post for me.

Today is Monday, and I recommend you consider joining the Meatless Monday community this summer.  Meatless Monday was conceived in 2003 and has been gaining steam as the movement grows.  Many top restauranteurs have joined the movement and now feature special dishes on Mondays (like Mario Batali, Michael Symon..)

Reducing your dependence on eating meat is a no-brainer---it is good for your body, good for the environment, and is good for your wallet.

Not to mention a compassionate choice if you love animals.  C'mon...what's one day a week? 

You can read about the Meatless Monday movement here.

Thank you for your time and now it's back to the the Big Brother coverage for me....

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