Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yes, Frank Bathes. #BB14

Even though Janelle has been saying he is dirty and disgusting.

Turns out Frank is playing today for the POV.  Mike comes in and makes a variety of supportive comments to hype up Frank.  Dan once again dons that same sad red T-shirt.

Mike:   Let's win it, leave it like it is (the noms) and then chill for five days...

Frank wishes he hadn't had that coffee last night after 10:00 pm.

Mike guesses they will dress up like lemons and then have to absorb water in their lemon suits and squeeze it into a glass of lemonade.  Ian comes in and chimes in with his ideas of what the competition might be.  They know there is some physical element since BB gave them new shoes to wear.

(Doesn't that also indicate things are going to get really messy?  And BB is trying to save their personal shoes?)

Frank dries his hair on low, with the cool setting to help prevent frizz.  Earlier today he told the others that he didn't tell his family he was coming on BB.  Last year they knew he was an Alternate, but this year he told them that he missed the Open Call.

He told Mike that his mother and Nana are real BB fans, and are watching the live feeds.

Frank whispers with Mike about his conversation this morning with Danielle.  He told her that he's not a liar, and when Janelle walks in they are fake nice with each other.

Frank:  Hi Janie!

Janelle:  Hi Frankie!  What'cha doin'?

Frank:  Talking mad shit about your hip injuries...and I hid your make up earlier to see if you could find it.

Janelle is's right here, I found it!

Frank tells her he is kidding.  Janelle asks Boogie if he thinks Scrubika is rooting for them and he says no...

Janelle is left alone with the cameras to do her make up,with her assortment of Mary Kay and Chanel cosmetics.

Janelle is wearing slippers.

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