Thursday, July 19, 2012

Willie Greases the Skids #BB14

There is jubilation in the kitchen as the majority rejoices that the show is over, and their relief at the outcome.

Willie:  Congratulations Boogie! That's the way it goes sometimes.

Jenn describes why she didn't hear correctly, and why she had to ask Julie for clarification.

In the bedroom Britney is sniffling with Janelle and saying she doesn't even want to "look at him" and "he doesn't care"  (Willie).  Janelle tried to say reassuring things, and then Frank came in to pack up his things.  Janelle's jacket is so sparkly and glamorous.  Britney is pageant-ready tonight, but is going to ruin her make up any minute now with her crocodile tears.

Britney fakes happiness and asks if Ted is excited about moving.

Frank:  Heck yeah. He's tired of sleeping down here.

Willie approaches Britney on her way to the WC and starts yammering that it's okay if she trades him.  That Willie is all about the drama....obviously he wants to be traded...who wouldn't?

He tries to hug Britney and she doesn't follow through. So he just kind of squeezed her and walked off.  Britney went into the WC and closed the door.

Now Britney runs to Shane in the Arcade Room to ask if she should trade Willie, if she wins.

(WTF is wrong with her?  She is so far from winning anything in that crowd...)

According to Britney, this is all Janelle's fault.  And Boogies fault....

Shane seems to accept he's being nominated.  The losers accept their fates...

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