Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wil Hates Willie #BB14

Wil and Joe held a brief meeting to discuss their new alliance.  Joe said Frank met with Willie and came right downstairs and told Joe that Willie thinks the next targets are Joe and Wil.

Joe:  Frank is with this alliance, our group.

Wil:  Willie is a dumb fucking redneck...just a dumb fucking redneck!

Joe says he's going to "go off tonight" and they have a moment of saying things like "fuck him to think we are stupid...and so forth". Then before they leave the storage room they tell each other they need to stay calm and cool.

Wil:  We need to keep it classy!  Keep it classy!

An outdoor lockdown is called and they all groan.  There is a rush to the bathroom so everyone can go.

Wil and Jenn high five in the bathroom about their new alliance and Jenn says "an eye for an eye"!

They head outside.  Frank has the good sense to bring Ted outside with him and shouts "Ted almost didn't make it out!"
Janelle lays out with JoJo and Kara.  For the live show, Kara is going to wear a dress and Janelle is going to wear jeans with a dressy top and jacket.  JoJo plans to wear a romper.
FYI Frank's mood is better than it was this morning.  He feels a sense of relief that he has the votes to stay.  But as we all know, anything can and will happen in a 24-hour time period in there...

Lots and lots of technical issues with the feeds today, particularly sound problems.  Let's get that ironed out, Alison.

Thank you.

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