Tuesday, July 31, 2012

While Janelle Sleeps, Her Team Talks #BB14

Mike Boogie met with Wil and planted a few ideas in his head about Janelle.  Janelle is still sleeping, but Mike had a relaxed chat with Wil talking about his experiences playing the game with her in the past.

I did not hear the entire conversation, but Mike is encouraging Wil to consider voting Joe out, and Wil says he has definitely kept that in mind.

Mike told him this season is a good one for players like Wil and Frank, who want to win the game.  Because it seems so many others don't give a crap what is going on.  (What about Ian, Mike?)

Wil:  Ashley knows the game and has watched it for years on TV.  And she's tried out before, too.  Danielle thinks she is on the Real World or Flavor of Love!

Mike is definitely planting seeds in Wil's head for him to keep Frank, and work with him.

Now Joe comes out there and Wil asks him point blank what he thinks of Janelle right now. Joe gave some sort of bullshit answer, but Wil says he is angry about a comment Janelle made to him last night.

Wil:  She told me that if it weren't for her and Ashley kissing Shane's ass all night, I would have been backdoored!

Joe says he thinks Wil is taking that the wrong way--Janelle saved him for the week by winning the Coach's Comp. 

Wil:  I didn't come here this year for her to win money!

***long period of silence***

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