Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Going on in the Backyard? #BB13

Everyone is locked down outside.  They are broken up into groups.  Frank, Joe, and now Mike Boogie are moving around, exercising.

I snapped some pictures to show Frank's progress around the back yard.

(Thank goodness for the B3V viewer or this sort of action would not be possible.  I forgive BBLite for letting me down this year, but only because B3V was there to pick up the slack.)

You can see flashes of Frank's curly locks and body as he whizzes around the back yard.

Britney and Shane are laying in the hammock, talking about the game.  Then we get a glimpse of Old Britney as she mocks Joe working out in his khaki shorts.  Shane give critical commentary of the mistakes Joe makes with his exercise form, but does not move to correct him.

The outdoor lock down ends, and most of the HG head back into the house. 

Britney coaches Shane on how to study for the upcoming to count items in the house, etc.  Willie comes outside and shouts to Britney that he is locked out of the HOH room again.

(Better get used to that, Willie.)

Frank breathes heavily and has worked up quite a sweat with his routine.  Joe spits and Britney says "ewww".

Frank curses as he does pushups, telling himself to do just five more.  Joe jokes that he is going to call a team meeting.

Britney is also studying for the Coach's competition, hoping it is mental.  She saw some plastic bags yesterday, with two guys on the roof pointing at them, so she thinks this may have something to do with the competitions.

Maybe fake snow, maybe an endurance competition.

Shane thinks that Britney will do well in an endurance Coach's competition.  I don't think Shane watched BB12...

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