Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is Big Brother Alum James Rhine Up To?

James Rhine was one of my favorite Big Brother house guests (BB6 & BB7 All Stars).  Not only was he a handsome piece of eye candy by the pool, he was brilliantly devious and was unafraid to play both sides against each other.  He is a risk-taker who didn't win, but he made things more exciting.

If you didn't watch the live feeds, you may not have heard James in his element.  He didn't just sit around and pick his nose during the down time.  He was involved in real conversations about real things with other house guests who were up for the challenge.  James is very interested in world events and politics, and has informed opinions about all sorts of topics. 

You may not agree with all of his opinions, but you feel wiser for having listened, and might be inspired to do a little research on the topic.

So it is really no surprise that James has created an opportunity for himself where he gets to do what he does best, discuss relevant issues with other informed, good-looking people.  And enjoy what looks like some scrumptious high-end food and drink.

His show, 3 Guys in a Booth, airs on the NBC Nonstop channel, which is visible in nine major markets in the US.  An episode also airs every night in Chicago, apparently, since that is the show's home base.

I'm not able to watch the show where I live, but I did just view some excerpts on their website.  (You can do the same here.)

One of the excerpts I watched features James' friend Howie Gordon (BB6 & BB7 All Stars).  I just watched a snippet from that show, where James was passionately discussing a recent Chicago incident involving a traffic ticket that cost the local taxpayers over a million dollars.  As you might guess, Howie had nothing to say.  Not a word.  I guess he was waiting for a topic where he could talk about boobies.  There Howie is below, imitating a bump on a log.  And still wearing a tank top--that's Howie.
Jeff Schroeder (BB11, BB13) has been on a few episodes, too.  I don't know if Jeff had informed opinions about the topics discussed, but I did see him enthusiastically  tweeting about a piece of fish he enjoyed while appearing on the show.  Escolar, I think it was.

If you want to refresh your memory about James Rhine, his bio is below.  If you are able to view his show in your local market, you will likely come away with some new ideas and information.  And from what I've seen you will be very hungry...

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