Friday, July 20, 2012

We'll Be Right Back..... #BB14

The feeds were cut a few minutes ago, indicating the house guests might be getting their wake up call.  They usually get to hear a few songs to get them up and out of bed, and they can't let us hear that since they would have to pay for the rights to broadcast that music.


Maybe you could play the BB theme song and just let us watch the dancing?  I know that would be entertaining for the live feeders.

C'mon.  Give us a break.

This is the screen that is showing now instead of the FISH. I like this screen because you can actually see the images move on the TV screens, and also see the guys moving around who sit and watch .

Kind of cool, huh?

I used to have season tickets for an NBA team, and one time a friend of a friend gave me and my friend (got that?) a tour of the production area of the arena.  There was a room similar to this with dozens of TV views.  I guess they would choose which images to broadcast depending on the circumstances, much like BB.

Well, there was one entire camera focused on the crotches of the dancing girls, or cheerleaders or whatever you call them.


But 'm sure BB doesn't do that....ha ha ha.

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