Monday, July 2, 2012

Want a Tour of the BB House? #BB14

Well, Spicy is ready to give us one.  I just watched a video of a tour conducted by Spicy (from the Celebrity Smack website and Reality Nation) and snapped some photos for you.  The tour is content exclusive to Superpass.  The video is just over 6 1/2 minutes long, so it's pretty fast-paced.

This picture is from a room with round beds--I think she said they were positioned to look like headphones.  As you can see, the back wall is decorated to look like the volume bars (or whatever you call them) of a stereo system.

She said the  bed was very uncomfortable and that the pillows weren't very cushy and soft.  Almost sounds like the Have Not room, huh?  I'm guessing we'll call this room the Stereo Room.  As you can see there is a boom box in the background--she tried on the headphones but said there was no sound, since you can't have music in the Big Brother house.

She called this room the Kicks Room --there is a huge painting of a sneaker on one wall, and you can see all of the shoes displayed on the back wall.  Spicy thought they would all be nailed down,but she picked one up and they appear to be all loose.  (I'm guessing these shoes will factor into some competitions---it would be smart to choose this as a bedroom so you could start memorizing the patterns and the order to be ready for future competitions....on the sly.)

The next stop was the kitchen---I liked how Spicy started opening drawers and snooping around in there.  The fridge is brand new in the house, but is also empty.  She correctly pointed out that we may never see it look this clean again.

Next you can see a close up of the famous dining room table, and a view of the living room.  Spicy said the decor was "Tokyo Pop", so I guess that explains the dinosaur.

Then Spicy walked down the hall to the Diary Room.  She said the room wasn't "finished yet" so she couldn't show it to us, but all of the crying, complaining, confessing and of course the voting will happen just beyond that door.

Next is a quick trip through the Big Brother bathroom.  Spicy said she wants to look at the toilet, since we don't get to see it very often.  Looks like they don't want anybody to drop their drawers in there right now.  I can't read the sign taped to the toilet seat, but I'm guessing it says something like "don't even think about it!".  There is also a scale in there, but I don't see any magazines.

She pointed out that there is nail polish for them, and that Danielle would love it.  (?)  She also mentioned Lane's auto erotic activities in the shower, so I think the name dropping is of no importance to those of us who are looking for clues.

Then Spicy walked into the "arcade" room, which is kind of the lounge area for the houseguests.  Years ago this room was the gym, then the sauna room, etc etc etc.  The Fortune Teller has been replaced by this colorful game.  Spicy gives it a try to see if it works and is excited when it does.  (Spicy:  Hell yeah!)

Then she went up the spiral staircase, where we see the chess board, and she went into the new HOH room.   There is a bonsai tree type decor there---I like the little lights that are all over the bonsai tree but that's all I can say about that. (I'm trying not to be negative about the house decor.  I'll just leave it at that.  For now.)  Spicy points out the spy screen for us.

Then she makes a Special Point to show us this nondescript door, saying that in the past that is where Pandora's Box was.  She says there are surprises in store for us this year behind that door.  If you are a regular reader of this website, you will guess that the door is going to lead to Mentor's home base, whatever that is.  (If not, type in Mentor Twist into the search box in the left margin of this website and you will find links to everything you need to know about the rumors for this season.)

Then Spicy strolls outside to survey the famous Big Brother backyard.

She even lounged on the couch and fake-smoked, calling out BB13's walking cancer stick Shelly.  (To be fair, Spicy just said Shelly's name, and I said the rest.)

She also looked at the washer and dryer and commented on the fact that they are brand new.  She said the old green set they used to have was pretty beat up--I think they had been using the old ones for about 3 years so I guess it was time for new appliances.  Lots and lots and lots of towels blow through there every year.

That concludes the tour.  You can see it for yourself on the SuperPass home screen. 

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