Monday, July 23, 2012

Updates and Minutia from Today #BB14

Today is Monday and it was time to make the doughnuts for me, so I jotted down some notes about the happenings from today in the Big Brother house.

1.  There was a buzz about the house this morning as the house guests got ready for the POV ceremony.  Shane stretched and seemed to feel a little better.  Yesterday his back was really sore and I'm sure sleeping on that Have Not bed didn't help matters.  This week BB gave them thin cushions to put on the "beds" but Shane said those pads were slippery. (They probably need to have rubber grips on the bottom of the pads, Alison.)

2.  Shane used the POV to save himself, as expected.  Danielle was nominated in Shane's place, which was also expected.  JoJo chattered nonstop to Shane afterwards, about how this was "her time" to show people what's she's made of, and that everyone will be surprised in the house to find out what she's been through, what she's overcome.  As best I can tell, this entails her sneaking into bars and entering wet T-shirt contests at age 16.  I don't know if you can see the shoes she is wearing below, but they are something to behold, indeed.  ("Please welcome JoJo to the stage...")

3. Janelle tried to nap with Ashley but they were gossiping and giggling and having fun.  Janelle "doesn't want to get fat---she really means it" and tries to get Ashley to commit to working out with her later.  Danielle came in and joined in the fun.  She got all dressed up for the ceremony since she expected to get some quality camera time.  They discussed how Ashley snores at night,and moves to lean against whoever she is in bed with overnight.  They whispered about how bland Shane's personality is, and how they all need men to be tall in order to be interested romantically.

Danielle describes a guy she saw at Finals whom she was sure would be on the show and is disappointed he wasn't cast.  He looked like Brad Pitt, she said.  Janelle and Ashley hung on every word.

4.  Everyone hung out by the pool, as usual. Joe initiated some interesting conversation when he described how he cautioned his 14 year old daughter about becoming involved with boys at this age.  He said his dad never spoke to him about it, so he wanted to handle things differently.  He said he avoided directly discussing sexual activity, but told his daughter that there is so much more at stake with her feelings when you get involved at that level.  Emotionally she could get hurt badly, and if the boy isn't discreet then her private moments could be shared and she will feel betrayed and embarrassed.

After Joe finished saying this, Ashley chimed in that Joe was so right.   She wished she had heard all of that herself at that age and mentions getting hurt a few times after sleeping with guys "one or two times".  Britney joked that Ashley would never have sex again.

Dan's wife was a virgin when they got married.  He said he didn't want to talk too much about it, but that he "hadn't been around that block that many times, either" when they married.  Ashley wishes now that she had waited after hearing all of this conversation.

Britney and her husband lost their virginity together in high school.  (I heard her say she dated Ryan for years but they broke up when Britney left to study abroad and reunited since BB12 and are now married.)  She clarifies that they both dated other people after breaking up.  

5.  Shane laid around in the sun, giving us today's version of the Shane Show.  The arm movements in the second picture were freaky---he learned to do this after hearing about someone making the Guinness Book of World Records.  I can't explain it--you would have to see it.

6.  Mike discussed his business with Dan.  His first lounge Belly was in W. Hollywood and is now a place called The Surley Goat.   It is two blocks north of The Grove.  They opened up Geisha House in a then-downtrodden area of Hollywood and ended up being part of a New York Times story about the regentrification of that area.  It was kind of a slum but is now considered a nice area.

When he won BB7, he got on a red eye that night to NYC to appear on the morning shows.  He said it was a rough flight and he "fought with Erica all night". (He also appeared on Rosie O'Donnell's show and you can read about that here.)  Then he flew right back to LA and they had a big party for him at Les Deux when he arrived--he said he was up for about 48 hours.  Then he appeared on Housecalls and said he didn't have many fans on that panel and it was rough.  (Sounds like he didn't have a good showing there...)

His T-shirt has a picture of Brady on it.

7.  Dan is wearing a hat that Memphis Garrett (BB10) gave him and they all like it.  He said he and Memphis are "totally different" but they get along very well.

8.  Janelle came outside and laid out for a few minutes, then joined the chatter group on the patio.  She loves taking a nice nap during the day--she stayed up until around 4:00 am so she needed it.   She is excited to hear that Joe is making turkey burgers tonight. She loves those. Frank is going to eat his like Mike Boogie, without the bun tonight.

9.  Ian rocked obsessively on the hammock a few times today.  He can't just lay on it and relax.  He has to rock like it's his job, apparently.  I don't now about you, but I would love to hear from his parents on one of the upcoming live shows. I'd like to get a load of that and hear what they have to say.

10.  Danielle did a good job fitting in with the girls today.  When she talks sometimes she reminds me of Ashley Judd with her little accent and all.  They gossiped about all of the girls in BB11 hooking up with Jessie and how Natalie found out when Lydia told her about it in the house.  Dan confirmed that Jessie is about 5'5".

Janelle said she thought Jeff would be taller.  Matt Hoffman is around 5'5", and Brendon is 6'1".  Frank chimes in that he is 6'2" 1/2, and Janelle is 5'9".  Jordan is 5'6".

Britney and Danielle stand back-to-back to compare height but the camera guys wander around.  Danielle was much taller, but you can't see that here, obviously.  (Pervs.)

Janelle said Erica was only 5'5" but looked much taller because she was so skinny.  Janelle said she stopped eating entirely and "started smoking a lot".  Janelle said James Rhine is "super tall" at 6'4" (!) and everyone is surprised because he didn't look tall on TV.

11.  Danielle wanted Wil to tell everyone about the "Brad Pitt" guy from sequester but Wil didn't want to get in trouble.  So they just described him as a surfer type blonde and both of them thought he was super hot.  He was "in Wil's van".

So we're not the only ones disappointed with the eye candy this year, apparently.

Janelle says that Evel Dick was "in her van" for BB6.  (I think he and Danielle went to Finals as one of the secret pairs.)

12.  Frank told a story about spending a night in the Memphis jail for public intoxication.  It was very funny as you might expect.  He had to wear the prison uniform and Crocs, and they served him "government issue baloney sandwiches".  The next day another inmate said, "dude, you were so fucked up last night you couldn't hold your head up!"

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