Thursday, July 26, 2012

Torture by Theme Song #BB14

The house guests are still locked down, with the BB theme song blaring in the background.

Mike and Janelle talked about Chicken George's cooking on BB7.

Janelle:  We were always biting down and the meat was all red and was raw!  All the time!

Mike:  Don't eat the fried chicken!

They all laugh.  Mike said after CG was on slop he said "I'll still cook for ya!" and Mike said not, that's's too much temptation for you!

He would say 'here ya go, Doc" when serving Dr. Will.

You can see Ted in the second box down..he's headed back down to Skid Row tonight.

The BB song is starting to get to Mike Boogie.

Wil:  I love it!!  It's delightful!!

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