Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things Were Different in the BB2 House #BB14

Mike points out a few of the difference between his original season and BB today.

*  He can't remember having a storage room.  (But they had one, because I remember Will and Shannon making out in there.)

*  They didn't have the POV, so after the nominations there was nothing to do for 6 days, except the Food Challenge.

*  They didn't have Have Nots back then, so the Food Challenge had all of the HG competing to win any sort of food, so even if they won something they couldn't necessarily make good dishes.  He says they would win tuna, but had no mayo to make salad with.  They didn't have someone like Chef Joe to whip up miracles with nothing.  (I'll bet Nicole from BB2 would take issue with that.)

*  They had to compete for the luxury to do laundry.  (I remember for years they had to use a wringer of some sort to dry the clothes---I dont' think they had a clothes dryer until BB6.)

Mike says when he hears Britney complain now about being "out of food", he disagrees, because in BB2 they would actually run out of food.

They discussed 2Hype, the boy band that Mike created to pass the time during BB2.

Now Shane indicates that the DR asked them about his little make up session yesterday, and he is VERY ANGRY about it being on the TV show.  Britney says they asked her about it in the DR, so she assumes it will be.

Shane:  Son of a Biscuit!

(Yes, he said that.)

JoJo goes on and on about how it will show that Shane is comfortable with his sexuality, etc.  Britney disagrees and says that she doesn't think it will be good for Shane at all.

Shane:  It's not that's just my buddies and all.....

Danielle says again that the whole Shayna thing freaked her out.  Those are Shayna's feet in that last picture, by the way.

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  1. I read your site to catch up on things. I love your recaps!! Best BB site, IMO!


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