Friday, July 13, 2012

Thermodynamics Make Ian Hot #BB14

Well, that's what the T-shirt says.

Britney went into the storage room to get hummus and had a brief celebration with Willie in there, hugging and jumping up and down.  They are happy that their team still has the power this week.  They can use the POV that Shane won, and nominate someone else, or not. It's up to them.

She discusses lunch meat with Frank, who loves to talk about food.  Britney only likes the lunch meats that are wrapped in butcher's paper, and only on the first day.  The deli meats in the plastic bags are always so wet, and it's gross.

Frank has a moment thinking about Boar's Head Roast Beef, how good it is.

They discussed the three competitions this year---Britney thinks they are new competetitions.

Mike, gesturing to Ian:  This is the man who ought to know!

Ian:  Yes, they're fresh competitions.

(Thank god---it was all too predictable before!)

 They discuss the merits of a good meatball sandwich.  It's Boogies favorite deli sandwich, and he orders it all the time.  Frank cosigns that and wants to use what they have in the kitchen to make one.

Boogie:  I like it when they cut the meatballs---there is nothing worse than biting into it and having the meatball roll around.

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