Friday, July 27, 2012

The Scrambling Starts... #BB14

Wil cut his legs shaving this morning.  Ted has his game face on.

Shane and Frank huddle in the HOH.   Frank just listened to Shane's CD.

Shane wants to honor his agreement with Mike and Frank (!) but he is committing to Frank that Wil is his Number One target this week.

Shane:  I might put Ian up....but I want someone from her team out.

Frank said that would be okay, but if he put up two people from Janelle's team it would keep them from getting one vote from Janelle's team.

He also mentions putting Joe out.  Britney walks in and Shane changes his tone immediately.

Shane:  It is what it is...

Frank:  Hey.  I'm up here beggin' for my life..

Britney:  I'll bet you are...Frank's in the hot seat huh?  Because you put Shane up last time, right?

Shane:  Yes, but I appreciate you not backdooring me.  I know Mike wanted you to do that.

Frank:  Yeah, (laughing)  he did mention that a few times!

Now he laughs about Joe bringing breakfast up to them.

Frank:  Talk about transparency!

Shane:  Yeah, he goes where ever the power is every week.

Frank:  He was up here trying to make a Final Two deal last week...

Britney: You're not the only person who has heard that.

Britney told him that JoJo is the person who went through his luggage last week.  (I think she was looking for stolen cigarettes.)  Britney left for a moment to get fresh batteries and they talked freely when she was gone.  Then she came back and they continued.

(Fucking Danielle just came in to get one of Britney's powdered sugar doughnuts!  Didn't she just eat her second breakfast of the day downstairs?  She popped it in her mouth and was empty handed as she left the HOH 10 seconds later.)

Shane tells Frank that Joe came up and threw Frank under the bus last night, big time.  Shane tells him that if Willie hadn't started fighting with Frank, every single person would have voted him out.

Shane doesn't trust Janelle.  And Dan was in the HOH bathroom listening to Joe talk to Shane last night.

Shane:  I think it comes down to who can you trust...who is going to stab you in the back.

Britney:  It hadn't even been three hours and they were up here trying to cut deals!

They brought up the breakfast in bed again, and Frank calls Joe Captain Fucking Obvious.

[Britney is running her mouth now about her Coaching strategy.  Let me see:

*  Her #2 pick Willie had a failed HOH eviction and was ejected from the game for violent behavior.
*  JoJo was evicted last night, getting only one vote to stay.
*  She lost both Coach's Challenges.
*  And SHANE has won three competitions, keeping her team alive.]

Now Frank leaves, taking one of Britney's doughnuts with him.  Britney immediately started scolding Shane about telling Frank too much info.


She starts giving Shane "the plan".  She says Janelle's team hasn't shown they are trustworthy because they haven't won one thing.  And she says Mike Boogie is very sketchy.  She saw him whispering with Wil and Joe.

About Frank, Britney says that he is an asset to Shane now, and a liability for him later.

Britney:  He's just too good at this game.  He's personable, he's social... And he's so up Janelle's butt!  I'm worried that if he wins HOH she can talk him into not nominating her team.  He's frickin' enamored!

She pointed out that no one wanted to congratulate Shane last night.

If she wins the Coach's Competition, and can choose a player from another team, who should she choose?

Britney:  I'm thinking Ian.  (She pronounces it "Aa-aann".)

Shane:  But would he still listen to Boogie?

Now Shane brings up taking Frank instead, which would cripple Boogie.  Britney thinks it would be too huge a target, and she is friendly with Ian from her "non game life" in the house. She does not want anyone from Janelle's team, since they are "enemy forces".

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