Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Plot Thickens.... #BB14

As it always does in the Big Brother house.

Wil whispers to Kara that something doesn't add up in the house.  Like Janelle....he can't quite figure it out, but something is off there.  He obviously thinks that the Coaches expect to come back in the house at some point, and this is impacting her advice to the newbies.

He just doesn't trust her as much as he used to.  He brings up the "key spaces" on the picture board next to the Coach's pictures.  Also, he knows he pledged to take some time off from the game, but that was before last night's events.

I saw Ashley upstairs in the HOH with Willie and JoJo.  She admitted that she is playing both sides, but she also said she doesn't trust Janelle.  Sounds like she might be voting with Willie and JoJo, but I can't be sure until I see it with my own eyes.  That Ashley is crafty.

In a scene that is sure to please Joe's wife, he has a poolside chat with Danielle. If Kara leaves, he wants her to know that she has friends in the house--he's on her side.  Looks kind of Lolita-esque, no?

Wil and Kara see Britney's luggage in the storage room and they dance around, delighted.  (Britney was told earlier today that she had to pack up her stuff just like Willie does, to prepare for the next tenant.)   The newbies are getting tired of the Coaches, it seems.  They feel that this is "Their Season".  Uh, okay.  In fairness to Wil, he always dances in the Storage Room.

 Now Mike Boogie and Frank have a meeting on the sly, with Mike giving Frank some good solid direction regarding planned actions for today.  He wants Frank to remind Wil that he can be friends with Kara outside the house, even giving Frank suggested wording to use.

He also suggests that Frank bring up the insensitive remarks that Willie made---reminding Wil that he doesn't want to evict the one person who stood up for hm in front of the whole house.  Boogie shrewdly points out that Kara didn't say one word to support her BFF Wil last night, and even crowed about it later, that the fight may have helped her game.

(You can read about the fight here.)

Britney came out and they diverted her attention by talking about which airports have the best food.  Mike compliments Britney's bikini, telling her that it is really working for her.  She thanks him but says she doesn't "want to look slutty".

Also, Mike Boogie said that "if JoJo wins a fucking thing this season he will be SHOCKED".  She is dumb as a box of rocks.  Frank agrees, and adds Danielle to that list.

Mike says Danielle is hot, but something about her just leaves him cold.  Frank agrees.  But I bet he would still hit it once this whole nomination thing is over.

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