Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Nominees Comiserate #BB14

Frank tries to take a nap to pass the time.  He woke up Janelle in the next bed, telling her that Ashley had been up in the HOH with Willie most of the day.

Janie groaned and got out of bed to go find her and do damage control.

Janelle:  Uh....I tried to keep her away from him but then I slept all day...

Kara came in after her workout and is grabbing her shower stuff.  She and Frank had a quiet moment where they both said they just wanted to get the next day over with.  Kara is tired of talking about it.

Frank said the results were still up in the air.  Kara agreed that things change all the time in there.

Frank mentioned the whole drama about Wil getting disrespected by Willie, but thinks he needed to know what was said about him.

Joe walked in from hanging out at the pool and Frank made a funny.

Frank:  Hey Joe!  I'm tryin' to talk Kara into takin' a nap with me...if she would only wash her dirty butt!

Kara left to shower (maybe to prepare for her nap with Frank! ha ha) and Joe changes into his clothes while chatting with Frank.  Frank tells Joe the votes are neck and neck, with Willie being the tie breaker.

They discussed Ashley and Frank feels Janelle can "really work on her".  (Last night I heard Ashley tell Willie that Janelle hadn't "spoken to her all day", but I know that is a lie because you can see them talking here.)

Joe:  I know Ashley seems dumb, but does she really seem dumb?

Frank knows what Joe is getting at, but doesn't know the answer to that.

At one point he sees Joe's undies and says he bought the same kind before coming in the house.  (Jockey "no tabs", maybe?)  Then the camera swing to Joe and Frank says "can't you see the man is trying to change?"

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