Thursday, July 19, 2012

The HOH Lockdown Begins... #BB14

and Willie, JoJo and Shane spread out silently in the HOH bed.  It feels hostile.

The BB Salon has migrated to the HOH bathroom, where Janelle and Ashley start checking their roots excitedly.  Ashley took her top off but that is a bra she has on.  For real.

The BB music starts playing loudly and Janelle and Boogie jam out.  Britney says in her season the music did not play in the HOH suite, only in the rest of the house.

Jenn gets to work rinsing out Mike's hair color and the water is cold. 

Jenn:  Hey BB, you need a new theme song!  Holla at your girl!

Britney chatters with Will about previous seasons, etc.  Her team in the bed doesn't even try to make conversation.  They are bitter.  Frank seems upbeat as usual.

The music is very loud. 

Jenn tells Mike to wait until his hair is dry to see the color.  He seems pleased.  Willie eyes his cast mates but JoJo pulled the covers over her head.

Jenn mentions again that we need a new theme song, and says every time they play it someone goes "ching!  ching!"  (earning money)

Janelle says her roots are perfect.

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