Friday, July 27, 2012

The Coach's Competition is Today, After All #BB14

and now Joe is up and in the kitchen with Mike.

They say they have no idea where Shane's head is at, and Joe reports to Mike that Shane said he wouldn't be talking to anybody about nominations until after the Coach's Competition.

Smart of him, I think.

Joe gets busy in the kitchen---looks like he his making a pancake or waffle batter.  Or maybe even muffins?  I'll bet he could whip up some killer PB & J muffins.  Mmmm.  (Peanut butter and jelly would probably be my Death Row food, but only if it involves natural peanut butter.)

 Now Joe references the effing mess on the kitchen counter.

Joe:  I guess everybody has just given up on hygeine....

Mike:  Yes, how quickly everyone forgets....we might need a reminder..

They are both happy that the ants are gone (for the moment) and are pleased that they all went away so quickly.  Looks like Joe plans to leave the mess right there on the counter, keeping the evidence out for all to see.

I wonder if Joe's family is starving at home without him there.  Maybe they're eating a lot of fast food.

Jenn is up, too, but is pretty quiet in the morning.  Not a morning person, I don't think.


  1. I wish Joe would shave that mess off of his chin. It looks like spittle.

  2. Joe went to the bathroom did not wash his hands and went back in the kitchen to cook breakfast for Shane and Brit.


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