Friday, July 20, 2012

The Coach's Competition Concludes --CHAOS #BB14

Frank hosted the competition and Janelle high fives him and complements his performance as a host.

I think it was a dirty competition---they all need showers and Frank looks like he is wearing the bottom part of a genie's costume?

Janelle thinks Dan threw the competition because he doesn't want any blood on his hands.

Janelle: That's what he does--he throws competitions and then starts winning at the end.

Willie is seen moving into the Have Not room.

Dan and Danielle whisper and Dan acts like he is disappointed.

Ashley and Janelle talk about how Wil wants them to stay a tight team.

Joe comes up to the HOH and says Willie is going crazy down there slamming things around.

Joe:  He's about to blow!

Mike:  Let him.  We'll get him out.

Now Janelle comes up and is rejoicing with Boogie, jumping up and down.  Janelle won the Coach's Challenge and JoJo is a Have Not too, along with Shane.  I think Ian may have volunteered, too, so no one else would have to do it.

They discuss how mad Willie was and we see some rare shots behind the walls, as the camera appears to search frantically for Willie.

Oh shit now Willie comes up to the HOH and is steaming mad.  They tried to lock the HOH door first but didn't get there in time.  Willie came in breathing hard and said this:

Willie:  I fucked up last week, I know that.  I'm gettin' voted out this week but I'm goin' to get evicted first. 

Then he storms out. Janelle is confused but Joe says he's probably going to hit somebody so that he'll get kicked out.

Mike:  Calling Dr. Zackary!  Calling Dr. Zackary!  (the BB shrink)

Mike then points out that Willie can't smoke either and Janelle is so happy she is jumping up and down.

 Joe says everybody downstairs is scared as hell and someone looks at the screen and asks if he is about to fight Frank.

We go to TRIVIA.  And I predict we'll be here for awhile.

This is Big Brother people!

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  1. joe lied again! willie did not slam the hn door's on a air pump you can't slam it if you want to ...i wish he did hit joe and knock him out ... live feed 24/7 NOT


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