Friday, July 20, 2012

The Camera Crew Feels Our Pain #BB14

And cuts us some visual slack on Camera #3 of the Quad Cam.

We see Frank Eudy's color photo on the Memory Wall.

And you can see Willie's picture has gone to black and white, just over Shane's shoulder there. Shane stares off into La La Land, a familiar place for him.  But in fairness to him, the biggest target just left him there, holding the nomination bag this week.

I trust that even under heavy surveillance and safety guard (required upon leaving the house per prior house guest accounts), Willie Hantz is unwinding with a few packs of Marlboro Reds, as well as unfettered access to one of his favorite snacks.

I hope Wilie knows that is not the proper way to spell Froot. I mean, Fruit....

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