Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ted is Part of Team Boogie #BB14

Of course.  Frank is his dad, so he is a legacy.

Mike whispers to Ted about the plan for the day.  Ted listens intently and nods occasionally.  He likes being included.

Mike cautions Ted not to get ahead of yourself in BB.  That is the classic error---set your plays up, but keep it week to week.  Mike compares this to the NCAA tourney, on CBS.

(Mike is Company guy, and Ted is a Company bear.)

Mike asks Ted if he would like coffee or breakfast, but Ted is full from last night.  Mike would love Frank to win HOH and then evict Willie, but it would be great if Ian could win, too, and evict the bully.

Mike:  It will be a shame for the hottest girl to go home tonight.  I know you're into Asian chicks (ha ha ha) but I'm more into the girl next door.  But you know, she lives in LA, so we'll see her around.

Mike:  I think Kara may live in the Playboy mansion.  Joe said she was a Playmate...a Playmate of the year.  And I asked her where she lived and she said on the border of _______ and ______.  And that is exactly where the Playboy mansion is.  And I think Hugh Hefner lets them live there after they are in the magazine.....So I think that is a sure thing.  She was evasive about where she lives, and what kind of model she is....  I might just have to bring that up today....

Mike:  Sure will be a shame to lose her for poolside viewing.  Anything can happen in here Ted, we shouldn't get too comfortable in here.  I'll believe it when I see it.

Mike:  You know who turned out to be a good late pick?  Miss Jenn City...yes....Jenn.  No one is more under the radar around here besides you then Jenn.

(I'm telling you...Mike Boogie is an effing Big Brother Gangster.  He's onto Danielle's lies...Kara's job....damn he's good.)

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