Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Team Janelle in a Huddle #BB14

on the outdoor chaise lounge.

Janelle asks them what they think about all of this.  Ashley thinks he brought up some good points, but Willie was so bossy.

Wil:  He thinks he's like our leader and he can tell us what to do...

Janelle:  He's a bully!  Like Cappy from my season...we revolted against that!

Joe:  Let me ask you a question...if you're coming back in the game, is this an alliance?  (meaning, Team Janelle)

Janelle:  Hell yeah!  I'm going to vote Willie's ass out!  And Frank too.

Wil says that Willie stared at him during the entire meeting..

Janelle:  He's a bully!  He doesn't think you have the balls to go against him!

Janelle:  And Britney...she's like this with Willie!  She's so snowed by him...I've been really close to her but I just can't because of Willie!  She buys everything he says!

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