Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Somebody Jumped the Gun - #BB14

You may know that Reality Nation, which is a SuperPass entity, planned to release the Big Brother cast interviews tomorrow.  They have first right on that, I think, then all of the other interviews can be released.

However, a local TV station (WXIA?)  jumped the gun and posted video interviews with Kara Monaco and Willie Hantz.  I posted a still of Kara's interview (repeated below) and also a link to the interview. But someone must have chewed their ass about it, so both videos have been removed from the website.

I was able to watch the entire Kara interview before it disappeared, and Kara did say she was a Jordan fan, and also a fan of Evel Dick.  She mentioned that yes he was a jerk, but he won the game and you can't argue with that.  She is not a fan of Natalie (BB11) and I think she said she would hate to be around someone like Rachel.  She acknowledged Rachel's BB win, but said her voice is very annoying.

Once again, she DOES NOT want anyone to know that she was Playmate of the year.  You can see the rest of Kara's Newbie Preview here.

I didn't get a chance to see Willie's WXIA video--they were taking it down just as I was trying to view it.  But I read that he also mentions Rachel, saying he hopes there are "a bunch of Rachels running around in the house".  I would assume that he means to take the heat off of himself, but who knows.  I don't know Willie.  Yet.

I do know that Missyae says this about him.

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