Friday, July 27, 2012

So Where's Ian? #BB14

Still laying on his slab.

Most of the house guests have gathered in the living room.  Janelle has a different set of rules, though, apparently.  And that's okay with me, I guess.

Mike Boogie just finished a story that ended with a shout out to his partner Lonnie Moore.  I think he was describing Lonnie's Halloween costume from 2009.  Sounded like he was a coke spoon?  With powder all over it?

I just heard the tail end of the story, but BB didn't like it and cut the feeds off.

Mike Boogie encourages all of us to turn off the live feeds and watch the Olympics.  Frank disagrees and wants us to watch them, all summer long.  Dan never watches the Olympics.

I lived in a city that hosted the Olympics, and that was enough Olympics to last me for a lifetime.  You can't imagine the people who come out of the woodwork and suddenly want to visit you and stay at your house.   And most of them expected me to have tickets!  Free tickets!

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