Friday, July 20, 2012

So What's Up with Ashley? #BB!4

The feeds are still showing TRIVIA after what I can only assume was a Willie Hantz breakdown.  And a potentially violent episode and Producer intervention.

This all happened in the aftermath of the Coach's Challenge, where Janelle won. I didn't hear her discuss her choices, but from watching the feeds and reading updates across the web, she did not trade any of her players.

Instead, she reportedly saved Ashley.

This was a brilliant move.  If you don't know Ashley was the swing vote last night to keep Frank.  She kept going back and forth all week about her vote.  Janelle intervened Wednesday and spent all afternoon getting Ashley firmly back on Team Janelle.

But if you noticed, Ashley voted last on Thursday's live show.  To build the drama for the viewers.  Until she voted, I wasn't positive she would vote for Frank.

I heard the HG say today that during the commercial break, Ashley went to the bathroom and Willie went in there to try one more time to get her vote of support.

Ashley was frazzled and they say if she hadn't been sitting next to Janelle on the couch during the TV program, the vote could have gone the other way.

So if Janelle indeed saved Ashley today, it was a smart move to reward Ashley for her loyalty, and to let her know her contributions are valid.

**Don't you just know Britney is a mess in there tonight?  **

I'm not sure the live feeds will come back anytime soon, but they have to be restored before Showtime Big Brother After Dark, right?

Another exciting day in BB14 Land, huh?

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