Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Far, So Good This Morning #BB14

Britney didn't get a lot of sleep, and she does seem a little punchy.  She discusses nicknames at the kitchen counter with Wil. She yawns a lot and rocks back and forth, not normal for her.

Britney:  If you have an alliance, it should be 'Wil Power'.  Wil likes that.

Joe is cooking and is wearing jeans today.  It seems strange to see someone who appears fully clothed and not wearing swimwear or sleepwear.

Wil's extensions are going to look a mess if he doesn't stop messing with them.  Just ask Janelle, Wil.

Frank needs to pee but can't because Dan is "dropping a deuce".

Britney:  Every time I turn around, Dan is pooping.

Wil nods in agreement.

Ian sits quietly at the table, alone.

Ian reports he is planning his breakfast.  Britney repeats for the third time that she had a banana today.  Dan returns and says he had a dream about Janelle....isn't that strange, he says?

Britney:  Yes, it is strange.


Britney is rhyming everything today and clearly needs a good nap.  "Jenn showing some skin...here comes Frank the Skank...."

Will doesn't want to talk game today and is going to walk around like this.

Britney:  I'm ready for it to be ten Tuesdays from now...yep, I'm ready to see the hubs...

(Note to Alison:  You should have called Dani Donato.  Or Natalie Martinez.  Put either one of them into this situation and it would be a New Day.  A New Evil Day....)

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