Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Snackers Galore... #BB14

JoJo made some pasta that Ian is enjoying.  Without being able to drink coffee, he doesn't think he could have lived through a week of slop.

Frank, who is always up for food, is going to give JoJo's pasta a try, too.

Menawhile, Wil is whispering with Jenn in the backyard, plotting Willie's demise. I don't think the meeting today went as well for Willie as he thinks it did.  So, the "Coach's Revolt" could end up being the "Willie Revolt".

Wil is whispering that Willie is a "little fucker" and an "arrogant son of a bitch" to call them all sheep this morning in the meeting. 

A little while ago Team Janelle met without her and vowed to stay together.  The whole Willie Hantz experience is over for Joe, apparently.  They want to fight against whatever he wants to do, but pretend to play along.  Wil is bringing in Jenn, and I think that is part of the plan, too.

Willie has rubbed Chef Joe the wrong way, and I can see him rising against him.  Joe is unique because he's a father of four, but doesn't come off like too much of a dad in there. 

Has Willie forgotten that he didn't win HOH? That Britney appointed him HOH?

I'm not even sure the beds in Britney's lane were bouncing around as much as the others were in the first HOH competition.  Can you imagine Alison Grodner allowing Willie to be the first one evicted, like Jodi was? 

Me neither.  No way.

And meanwhile Mike Boogie has been sleeping ALL DAY.  I'm kind of worried about him...

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