Thursday, July 19, 2012

Silence...With a Light Snore #BB14

As you can see, the house is quiet.   Everyone is sleeping now, but that will change soon.

Britney was told last night that she needs to be out of her Coach's room by 8:00 am BBT, so she warned the HG not to be surprised when she crawls in bed with one of them.  Janelle, I'm guessing.

(Me thinks they are going to make some changes in that room today...Expect the Unexpected....)

Soon after that we will have an "HOH Lockdown", where the entire cast must stay in the HOH Room for as long as several hours.  This will allow the crew to move about the house and prepare for tonight's show.

Britney explained to the newbies yesterday that they will put furniture back in it's original place, check camera angles, etc.  They usually blast the Big Brother theme song throughout the house at this time, so the crew can speak without being overheard.  Janelle and Ian discussed this yesterday, saying how much they "like" that song.

(Janelle has bonded with Ian over their shared BB addiction.  Janelle allows him to ask questions about her seasons, and in turn she asks for his opinion.  A dream come true for young Ian Terry, I'm sure.)

The HG usually sleep during HOH lockdown, and there is often a line to use the HOH shower.  Willie would be wise to enjoy his private bathroom during the lockdown, because as soon as it is over he will be required to pack up and move out.  There is often a fair amount of tension, and today should be no different.  (The worst HOH lockdown tension I can remember was during BB6--the Nerd Herd vs. the Sovereign Six.)

After the lockdown Willie Hantz will be released into the General Population to fend for himself. 

Production will clean the HOH room (probably wearing Haz Mat suits) and bathroom and get it ready for the next tenant, to be crowned later tonight (or "keyed", more accurately).

Once downstairs, the HG will use the vacuum cleaner and do some cleaning.  I think they have to clean their rooms a little bit, too.  You know, like children.

There will be A LOT of feed breaks today as they will have rehearsal for tonight.  We're not allowed to hear that for obvious reasons, but also because if they broadcast the crew's voices then I think they need to be paid as performers.  That is separate money, and a separate union.  (Please correct me on that if you know---I managed employees in a union environment a few years ago, but not in the entertainment industry.)

They will even rehearse the live eviction.  Last year I think they voted to evict either Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera.

So be forewarned today will not be a full day of live feeds.  I recommend that you get some things done in your real life, to prepare for the drama tonight.


As of now, Frank is expected to stay.  Wil and Ashley are expected to vote Kara out, which will SHOCK Willie, who is expecting to dramatically break a 4-4 tie to boot Frank out of the BB14 house.

That would mean only JoJo, Shane, and Danielle would vote for Kara.  Will that happen?  I guess we'll see.  Janelle did a great job with her team, pulling them together, even though they seem to think they are making all decisions on their own.

They got the "Cornhole" game last night, and milled about the backyard playing it.  This tells us the competition is something simple for the crew to set up, so it is likely to be questions and answers.  The HG will be quickly eliminated, leaving us with one lucky HOH.

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