Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shout Outs on the Patio #BB14

Mike Boogie started to give a morning shout out to "Dr. Will Kirby and Cash Kirby" and we go to FISH.  When we come back, Jenn is doing a list of shout outs a mile long that have to do with musicians she knows in NY.  She directs us to check out the music of a few of them and they all laugh at how detailed the names are.

Britney:  I couldn't even remember all of those words!

For example, one was Deleria (?), and Bound by Substance, and the list goes on and on.  She had a late addition that she forgot about that is a band she played bass for on their album.

Jenn:   Much love!

Everyone laughed.   Britney had a shout out too, but the FISH wouldn't let us hear it.

Jenn talked about her DJ business this morning and said she could play DMX in a metal club and everybody would jump up and say "Hell Yeah".  They talked about Ludacris and his Welcome to Atlanta song and Britney brings up the remix.

Britney also likes TI and Jenn does to.  Britney also used to be a Ja Rule fan and likes his raspy voice.  Frank said one of the rapppers called out the 901 area code and everybody in Memphis was pumped about it.

They discussed American Idol and Mike already knew that Jennifer Lopez would not be returning.  Jenn said she loves Ellen Degenerus (sp?) but she didn't do very well on American Idol.

Frank:  Yeah, she can dance around on her show all day long, but that don't mean she knows about singin'!

Then Frank admits he has never seen her show and they all laugh.

They can hear someone beating on something in the distance, over the wall, and Wil tries to do his little "Victory Dance" to the rhythm.

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