Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shane Oversees the Shower Activity #BB14

and is still having trouble moving around.  His lower back hurts, apparently.

JoJo just got out of the cold shower (Have Not) after shaving her legs.

Ashley gets ready to work out and tells Shane she is proud of him (for winning the POV yesterday).  He thanks her, and then struggles to get up and go to the sink.  Looks like Shane is wearing pink Underoos today.

Now an indoor lockdown is called.  Jenn is in the kitchen telling what I'm sure was an interesting story about Jodie Foster.  Then she says she has a good story about Whitney Houston and BB lets us hear some of it.

Whitney called Jenn and "screamed at her because she thought Jenn called the press and told them she was in Sicily".  She blamed her and then asked for someone else.

JoJo brushes her teeth and the cameras keep an eye on things.

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