Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shane is Britney's Only Hope #BB14

The feeds are down right now while the house guests rehearse for tonight's live show.  They will rehearse the game outside, and will fake vote-out someone to practice pacing and direction.

The feeds have been off and on for the past 4 - 5 hours.  Earlier today I saw Britney sitting with Shane in the Arcade Room giving him a pep talk for tonight.  If he is able to win HOH tonight the whole game changes for them.

He feels confident, and apparently he has been practicing his Big Brother info for the competitions---the dates events happened, etc.  I've never seen Britney coach her team with that info, but that doesn't mean she hasn't done it.

He went into the kitchen and I think I heard him curse rather vigorously about the slop diet, and the feeds cut out.  Maybe he was doing some more venting about Britney's lack of success in the Coach's Challenges?

Across the living room Mike, Joe and Frank were mumbling about Shane. Apparently they heard him say that he could win HOH or POV every week and they mocked him for that.

I'm guessing this little Shane vs. Everybody battle will make some picturesque TV, huh?

I wonder if we will see "Shayna" tonight on the CBS broadcast?

I've been watching Shane on the live feeds for weeks now, and I don't know who he is, or what side he's really on.  I've seen him act like the perfect pupil with Britney, and then bitterly slam her and all of the Coaches 10 minutes later.  And also to meet with Mike Boogie and Frank and seem convincing about a deal with them.

Is Shane hard core playing this game?  This could get interesting....

If you want more behind the scenes info about what goes on from Production's standpoint during the live show, I wrote about that last week, and you can see that here.

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