Monday, July 23, 2012

Shane Does Think, Apparently #BB14

While everyone on the patio is having a nice chat, Shane just sat there like a bump on a log.  Then he went inside where, lo and behold, it became apparent that he did have some things on his mind.

He sat at the kitchen counter and pushed candies around, looking at the memory wall.  So he was counting votes, I guess.  He mentioned to JoJo that this is the only time in BB history where someone has been ejected from the game, and then someone was voted out, too.  (Not sure about that, but it seems reasonable.)

JoJo dropped something and it sounded like broken glass.  Shane went to help her.  She mixed up a protein shake.

Shane lays down in an interesting way to stretch his back.  Frank eats pepperoni pizza and they all talk about Lost.  Shane said he "never heard about it before". (WTF?)  The Triscuit box makes a cameo in this scene.

Shane is obviously hurting and asks JoJo for a "butt massage later". She went over and pushed down on it.  Shane groaned that she just pushed his junk down on the hard seat and Dan and Frank both commiserate with that type of pain.


  1. In BB2 Justin got ejected, and then 2 days later Sheryl got voted out. I think this is the second time it has happened.

  2. Wow you're going deep with that info.

    I am reading on other sites that when JoJo walked by,Shane scooped up the M&Ms into his cup, and then drank it.

    He's a Have Not, so that could be an issue that I missed. I wasn't watching every second, since I had work to do, but I do recall Shane commenting to JoJo that you have to be careful not to pick up a grape or something by accident and eat it....


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