Friday, July 27, 2012

Scrambling...and Grumbling #BB14

As you can see, Janelle gets her own camera shot. 

Mike Boogie, Janelle and Ian chat in the Arcade Room--they don't know what Shane is going to do.  Meanwhile both Danielle and Shane have made their way to the HOH Room.

(Shane was saying earlier that he is shocked that Wil hasn't come up to talk to him, nor Janelle or Ashley.  Only Joe came up from Team Janelle, and that was to throw Frank under the bus last night, and to bring a kiss-ass breakfast in bed for the two of them this morning.)

They discuss Danielle, and Janelle mentions that she was laying in Shane's lap last night.

Mike:  Well, scratch that little plan....(to have her vote).


Mike:  They're bonded by loneliness now....(ha ha ha)

Janelle starts laughing at their teams' performance last night.

Janelle:  Our teams suck!  Well, except for Ian...

They laugh about Jenn's sorry try at the HOH game, and Ashley as well.

Janelle:  I'm traumatized by last night!

They counted everything great that Shane has done in the game, and Janelle jokes that next week he will win the Coup D'Etat.

Mike thinks that the competition may be food related only, since the food has not been replenished yet.  Ian says he ate today--some cereal, some coffee and an Arnold Palmer.  (iced tea and lemonade, I think)

Ian:  And last night I was a little piggie....(names everything he ate, which is still probably not as much as what Danielle ate).

Mike goes to the DR and now Ian and Janelle go through every BB6 competition, naming who won, as they compare Shane's performance to the Great James Rhine.

Ian corrects Janelle several times, pointing out specific issues from the competition, as well as the prizes he won, including "Sarah's TV".  Ha ha he remembers the season more than she does!

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