Monday, July 2, 2012

Rumor Control with Dani and Rachel #BB14

This show is exclusive content from RealPlayer Superpass and originally aired on July 2, 2012.  I made sure I was sitting at my computer promptly at the start time, but like a dumbass I didn't click on the Live Show button so I missed the first half hour.  I hate to be late so I am scrambling to get on track here.

Dani looks gorgeous, but what else is new? 

Apparently Rachel was to appear on Skype but since she is in Costa Rica she was having some problems with it and ended up calling in.  I guess the calls got shut off.  I heard her call back in later though.  Someone asked her if she thought Janelle would be on the show.  Rachel said she talked to Janelle last week and Janelle told her she was going to Greece.

Both Spicy and Dani were silent for a second, and then kind of laughed about it.  Apparently neither of them believe Janelle's twitter pictures and Spicy told the story about the purse picture.   (You can read about JanelleGate here.)  Dani said that she had friends tweet for her when she was in the house, so she thinks it is funny.

When Rachel calls back in the screen looks like this, with a photo of her instead of the Skype screen:

***It was obvious to me that Dani believes the Mentor Twist, because she seems to believe Janelle will be on the show.**

Dani said Janelle was so popular and it is great for CBS' business when they bring back old players so she understands.
At one point Spicy and Dani said "Rachel, are you still there?" and when there was no answer they both kind of laughed and Spicy basically blamed Costa Rica. (Was Rachel's appearance taped?  It could have been---I will try to listen to the whole show later this week when SuperPass posts it up and listen for it.  I guess they could have "planted" the call or pre-taped it.  It was just a little too convenient for Rachel to be present only to deny Janelle's involvement.)

OK - this is the how I usually log the live shows---I am picking up at this point with my usual format.

CQ = Caller Question

1.  CQ - What about the rumors that Rachel will be a Mentor?  Dani rolls her eyes and says that it would be kind of stupid to have her in the house three years in a she doesn't think that rumor is true.

2.  CQ - What about Will and Boogie as Mentors?  Dani says that they were both so much fun to watch on BB7 because they had nothing to lose.  They are both "super wealthy" and just played balls out and it was great to watch.
3.  CQ - A girl said that she knows Mike Boogie from work and he took off a few months to "go on Big Brother".  What does Dani think?  She has met Mike and thinks he is funny and nice, but he won't be a good mentor.

4.  CQ -  What mentor would you want to work with?  Dani - I think Dan is a good all-around player and that's who I would want.

5.  CQ - What about the rumor that there is a new add-on room in the house this year?  Dani - I don't see how they could do that--I would be shocked.  Where would they put it?  Add another floor?  Spicy - Yeah, having been there for the tour last week, I don't see how they could do it. 

6.  CQ - What about the rumor that the HOH can play the following week in the HOH comp?  Dani - she basically said as a player she likes that, but she knows that the viewers don't want to see the same people win over and over.  There would probably be a big strong guy who would keep winning.

7.  CQ - Dani, do you still hang out with Kalia?  Both Spicy and Dani said they didn't understand the caller due to feedback, so they cut her off.  (I heard it.)

8.  CQ - I heard a rumor that this was an All Stars year?  Dani - I don't think it is.  Spicy - Do you think they will do an All Stars?  Dani - Every reality show has one, everybody looks forward to it so yes I think they will.  She mentioned Top Chef which is one of her favorite TV shows.  (Mine too.)

9.  CQ - What are our favorite challenges?  Dani - I love the endurance challenges.  That's why I like Big Brother!  I mean, who looks forward to see True-False competition?  Spicy compliments Dani's buff physique.

Spicy is doing a great job with her energy level and rolling with the punches when there are technical problems.  She is much more comfortable this year and is good at thinking on her feet.

10.  CQ - He wishes Dom had been voted back in last year instead of Brendon. What does Dani think about people voting HG back in?  Dani gives a big thumbs down to that and says we don't know what it's like in there and we shouldn't be making it a popularity contest.  She does bring up the America's Player in BB8 but says that was "just one vote".

11.  CQ  What about the rumor that the Mentors get to leave the house?  Dani doesn't like it and thinks it sucks.  If they're on the show, they should have to stay in the house.  They joke about having every one on the same team sleep in the same bed.

12.  CQ - Had a Q for Rachel but since she is gone she just wants to say that she is a big Rachel fan.  Then she asks if Dani's relationship with her dad is better.  Dani says no, they aren't speaking and things happen that we don't see.  Dani adds that she knows she put herself out there but we shouldn't judge her.  There was a lot that happened after BB8 that was unresolved.  Spicy made soothing sounds and comments.

***Dani said she still doesn't know what happened to her dad last year on BB13 and why he left the show***

Spicy says that she is positive that Rachel is in Costa Rica and we can "cross her off our lists for BB14".  Janelle will be on Rumor Control this Friday, and Chelsia will be hosting instead of Spicy.  Spicy thanks us for hanging in there with all of the technical problems.


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