Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Hates Mike Boogie #BB14

While we prepare ourselves for the upcoming Big Brother 14 season with the rumored and much-discussed Mentor Twist, let's take a quick trip back to 2006.

This YouTube clip was filmed the day after the BB7 - AllStars finale, and features Janelle Pierzina, Mike Boogie Malin, and Erika Landin on The View.

Rosie makes no secret of her obvious distaste for Mike Boogie.  This clip is really fun and features the following highlights:

*  Rosie makes everyone move around so she doesn't have to sit by Mike Boogie.
*  We see the clips of Mike Boogie calling Erika a Ho and saying that he used her up.
*  We also see clips of them making out.
*  We see clips of Janelle and Dr. Will steaming it up in the hot tub and in the Diary Room.

I have to say Mike handles himself very well here.  The entire segment was pretty much a Mike Hatefest but he seemed to take it in stride.  After all, he did win half a million dollars the night before.

Fun Fact #1:  This isn't a Fun Fact for Mike, mind you.  He mentions that he is going to use his earnings to invest in three restaurants in Atlanta.  Well, he did, and they are all closed now.   Tough times and a bad location don't spell success in the restaurant world.

Fun Fact #2:  After BB6, The View was offered a guest appearance by the winner, Maggie Asburn.  Rosie refused to have Maggie on the show as a guest unless Janelle made an appearance as well.  This is kind of unusual, since Janelle wasn't even in the Final Two or Three.  But she's the star, baby.  We all know that.  Also, Rosie was very vocal during the season about her dislike of the Nerd Herd.

Enjoy and let's get ready for Big Brother 14!  I'm ordering the Live Feeds later tonight so I won't miss any of the exclusive pre-season shows starring previous house guests!  You can order the live feeds from the link on the upper left corner of this website.  Thanks for your support!

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