Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Production Test Leaks....The Drama Builds #BB14

***Caution***  If you don't want to know some of the Big Surprises that will be revealed on tomorrow night's premiere of Big Brother 14, STOP right now, turn around and leave.

Everyone with a stake in this season's show is testing their equipment, getting ready to go live tomorrow night. In fact, last night around 11:00 PM EST I downloaded and tested BBLite live feed viewing software and was shocked to see them testing their own streams with footage from last year's opening feed stream.  (You can read about that here.)  BTW the same thing is streaming now if you use BBLite--the whole "where is Evel Dick drama" from BB13 is unfolding all over again.

Well, about 4 hours later SuperPass starting testing their own live feed stream, and leaked some of the quad camera shots of the action inside the Big Brother house.  Big Brother Buddy had the sharp eye and was alert for some reason (or on auto pilot) and captured six shots for the fans.  I believe the shots were captured every fifteen minutes.

Thanks to for sharing with the world.

Here we can see one of the bedrooms and Dan is lounging on the bed, chatting with the lovely Kara.  Jenn is walking around and appears to be rocking a red Pat Benetar-style headband.

The swirly room is the Have Not room, I think.  I don't think I will be able to watch a lot of live feed action of the Have Not room this year if I have had too much red wine.  It looks like it will lead us all to vomiting...good thing they are often hungry in that room.  Will is rocking his shirtless look in the Storage Room with Frank, and Kara has moved to the Have Not room and appears to be talking to JoJo, who is rocking a halter-type sundress and what looks like stilettos.  You go JoJo.  Work it girl.

And here is Mike Boogie making a truly Boogie-esque hand gesture in the Have Not room.  Large and in charge in his straw hat.  Joe is sitting in the HOH that Willie Hantz laying in the HOH bed?  That doesn't mean he is HOH though.  I am often shocked at how they all just get in the bed when they enter that room, even getting under the covers.  That is just so intimate to me but whatever.

That's not Leif Garret in there---that is Frank in the Have Not room talking to JoJo who appears to be under the covers.  And Ashley is chilling in the HOH room with a large group, probably buttering up the HOH, whoever that may be.

And...wait for it...IT IS JANELLE in the Have Not room with her trademark wet Big Brother hair!.  Ah, I am a happy Feed Watcher now that I am sure Janelle is there.  And yes, there is Willie Hantz himself laying in the HOH bed.  If Willie did win this week, I think we are in for a treat, drama-wise.  So far I have seen both Janelle and Dan in the Have Not room chatting, so I don't think we can conclude whose team lost the Food Competition.

And there's Ian, clutching what may be a teddy bear in the Have Not room.  You're a looong way from home Ian.  The Super Fans need you to step it up bitch. Please.  Joe is chilling in the HOH room.  He looks like a Regular Guy.  I'll bet he and Willie would be going fishing or something in the real world this weekend.  And burping and farting galore.  All the Regular Guy stuff.

No sign of Britney or some other supposed Female mentor on the feeds.  But maybe she is there in the group shot--my eyesight is not that great right now.


  1. The girl you are identifying as Jojo in the sundress appears to be Danielle to me... but I guess it could be either one.

    The other screenies show a girl laying in the HOH room with a pink top and blue bottoms and she looks a lot like Britney but it's too small/blurry to 100% confirm


    in the first screen shot, feed 3 appears to be Britney, Joe and Frank in the corner.

    Feed 2 and 4 seems to be Dan and Danielle in my opinion, but could be Jojo....

  3. Yes, Big Brother fans are indeed sleuthy...

    JoJo and Danielle both have huge boobs and long dark hair--I guess the difference would be JoJo's tats, huh?

    Thank goodness we can spot Jenn from a mile away.

    If they haven't figured out who Willie Hantz is yet, maybe they will all deserve the spanking they will get from him.

    Ian may need that teddy bear for comfort.

  4. haha!! If Willie is the HOH (which no one can confirm of course, but the pics might lead us to believe that he is...) I wonder if any pics of Russell or any others Hantz men will be included in the HOH pics/letter... Hmmmmm!! :)

    Also, Sorry for always posting anon, it doesn't allow me to post from my google account or from my blog account for some reason, but Anon always seems to work!


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