Monday, July 30, 2012

Pride Comes Before a Fall #BB14

Ian is very upset about Frank going up on the block.  He's a Big Brother scholar, and I think he knows what this means.

It means don't UNDERESTIMATE your opponent.

Mike Boogie is pissed, but is channeling his anger through a brisk workout.  He spoke to Dan outside as he got started.   He knows that Danielle is going to be the swing vote, and if it looks like she is going to vote Frank out he is going to tell her on Wednesday that her boy Shane is GONE if she doesn't vote out Joe, and that will hurt her chances to get closer to him.

Dan:  I don't think I'd use that method with her......

Mike, thinking:  Well, after playing this game without emotions, or trying to, I think that may be what needs to be done.  I know you know what I mean, but I'm not sure she knows...

Mike was confused as to this sudden change of plans---Shane told him that he gave Frank a heads up yesterday, but Mike had no idea.  Did Dan know?  Dan hemmed and hawed but said no, he didn't know.

Mike started running and when Danielle came outside he asked her if he had any reason for concern.  She made a small response and laid down in the sun.

Minutes later, Dan came over and laid next to her.  He spoke without moving his lips, trying to be stealthy, saying:  "tell them that you didn't tell me about the switch because you couldn't find me in the house".

Dani couldn't hear him, so he repeated it with her looking at him.  That girl must have damage to her ears, because she still didn't get it.  (I heard it 3,000 miles away!)  He asked her to get in the pool with him so they could splash around and talk, I guess.

A few moments later Mike finished his workout and  jumped in the pool to cool off.

Mike:  Oops!  I splashed the Swing Vote!  How about breakfast delivered every day this week to the Boom Boom Room?

Now they whisper.  Joe torches up a smoke on the patio---I hope he's counting how many he has left, because now he might be there a while longer.

Joe's anniversary is today, and he asked Britney to ask all of the house guests to talk to the cameras and go to his website to wish his wife a happy anniversary.  In fact, he's going to make a little speech to the cameras later himself about it.

Britney is sure to mock this later.

He said to go to the Mad Love Cooking Facebook page, or something like that.

Also, right after the POV ceremony Shane reported that Jenn gave him the cold shoulder downstairs and ignored him totally as she fixed her lunch.

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