Saturday, July 28, 2012

POV Player Pick Ceremony #BB14

This seems to be happening now.  The house guests were awakened fairly early today as they started getting called to go in the DR.

This allows production to get reactions from the events last night, as well as the scheming and the plotting that took place overnight.  They also want to get things started so they can build up today's events.

A Few Morning Tidbits:

1. Joe was one of the first up, and later told Janelle that he never really went to sleep.  I think Joe just needs to suck it up and be miserable quietly this week.  Shane had to sleep on those beds for over two weeks, and it's not his fault Joe is an older, portly gentleman who is not the pinnacle of health.  Everybody else has done it (except the Coaches, Wil, and Jenn, that is.).


2.  Mike Boogie read the Bible again this morning.  He encouraged-slash-flirted with Ashley this morning, making up a Bible passage that talked about her game. He read some other things from the Old Testament and he and Frank talked about how hard core it was.

3.  Frank said the DR loved the "hip thing" and made him say it again.  He said his friends at home are going to love it.

***End of Tidbits***

The feds are back now, and the players got new shoes to wear for the competition.  They are purple and "super chill" according to Ashley.

Wil chants about getting new shoes, new shoes!

Danielle is playing, and she sees her shoes in the Storage room and says "these are some ugly shoes!" Danielle's shoes are not purple.  Joe's are gray, I think.

Janelle, Ashley and Joe meet in the Arcade and start laughing about how obnoxious and loud Frank was this morning.  They mimicked his yelling.

Janelle:  I'm so sick of Frank.  I want him gone.  Frank the Tank!  (in a mocking tone)

Ashley:  I've been over him for the last few days.

Ashley got to pick house guest's choice and chose Wil.  I think Frank isn't playing, so they are excited about the potential for Frank to get backdoored this week.

Ashley:  I want Frank and Shane's asses out so bad!  And Ian too...he's starting to bug me.  He's getting too smart in this game.  He's always spying for Mike Boogie!  I thought we were cool, too.

Janelle wants to celebrate in front of everybody when they win.  She will shout out that it is Wil's birthday and say something about Frank the Tank.

Ashley announces she has to do a #2, and leaves the room.  Silence and Janelle and Joe sit and wait.  Janelle yawns.

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