Friday, July 13, 2012

The POV Competition is Over #BB14

and Shane won the POV.  Sounds like Frank had a lot of chances to win but he couldn't do it.

Willie is crowing in the HOH that Mike Boogie knows he is going to lose a body.

Willie:  Chilltown, Population 1.

JoJo is full of spice, saying she would have been so pissed if she had to hang the medal around Frank or Danielle's neck. 

Britney tries to instill some wisdom, saying that they have days to figure out what to do. 

Britney:  Let's just sit on it until Monday...let them come up here and talk.  Let 'em spill their guts and we'll just listen.

The POV ceremony is probably Monday, and that is what they are counting on.   Willie is doing a postmortem on Frank's loss, pointing out his errors and demonstrating them.  They agree that was Frank's game to lose.

They are laughing at the way either Kara or Danielle did exactly what Dan said, even though it didn't make sense.  It was Danielle---apparently she was doing things that would help somebody else win.

Britney mocks her, helping someone else win so she can go up on the block.  I wonder why JoJo is just sitting around in a bikini?

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