Monday, July 16, 2012

Poolside Action...Featuring JoJo #BB14

Everyone is enjoying the California sunshine.  I will feature JoJo for a few minutes, since she obviously have some fans on the BB camera crew.


 She went inside for a drink.  Then went back outside.  JoJo slept in the HOH room last night with Willie, but I'm not sure if it was any more than that.  Janelle and Britney talked about it, but didn't really gossip so I'm guessing there was nothing more to say.

She laid outside and talked to Jenn about a variety of topics:  She wants go go up one cup size to D and Jenn approves.  JoJo doesn't believe in getting plastic surgery for men--you should do it to please yourself and Jenn cosigns that.  Jenn likes a girl to have some boobs, or at least some booty.  Something to hang onto.

Whoo.  Oofa. Sorry for that one.

JoJo has had her belly pierced four times.  She started as a young teen and it kept getting infected and she had to remove it.  She has PMS and feels like crap.  They discuss that piercing they both have above their lips and JoJo says it doesn't hurt when you get it, but the next day it kills you.  She had to eat mashed potatoes for a week while it healed.

She worked as a hostess in a restaurant back then and seated people with a swollen lip.  Jenn says you must have been the cutest little hostess.  JoJo agrees, of course.

No one is a bigger JoJo fan than JoJo...

Note that she and Jenn aren't flirting.  Just talking like friends. Also, a few minutes ago Ashley told Janelle that last night she and Jenn were the only ones outside and Jenn didn't say anything to her at all.

Jenn used to be a manager at the Hot Topix at the mall.  Her friends worked at places like The Gap and Forever 21.

JoJo:  Fuck that shit, man....I know some people like, work at a damn deli...I know people need money, but I'd rather not work at all.

Jenn:  I'd work at a deli if I owned the deli.

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