Wednesday, July 4, 2012

OK, Who Can Speak Mandarin? #BB14

Julie gives us a special BB14 message in Mandarin here.  I thought at first that she was going to go Short and Corny, but instead she goes off on a long tangent!  What is she saying?

Please let us all know!  I once had a co-worker who taught me to say something filthy in Mandarin, but I didn't get to practice it enough and have forgotten.  Something along the lines like "Go Eff Yourself!"

I'm not implying that The Chenbot curses here.  Hell no.


  1. "I am is ChenSaoyi (her name in chinese I'm guessing) I really hope you can watch big brother. I'm not sure If there is Big Brother in China, If China doesn't have Big Brother, China should have Big Brother, But on this side it's called Da Ge(Big Brother in chinese)." :)

    (from the comments over at youtube)

  2. Thank you!

    So, she still said a Lot of Nothing, but at lease we know!


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