Saturday, July 14, 2012

OK, OK, We're Up Already... #BB14

Everyone has dragged their asses out of bed now.  Some of the HG have been up for hours, and the others only woke up when BB had the morning wake up call.

I'm surprised Dan isn't more of an early riser---doesn't he have to get up early for his coaching job?  Two days in a row as a late sleeper...

Jenn said she woke up right away when she heard Rob Zombie.  (BB plays about 3 songs for them very loudly each morning to get them out of bed.  We see FISH during that time period so BB doesn't have to pay for broadcast rights to the songs.)   They also played Xanadu by Olivia Newton John and Dan is shocked that Jenn can Name That Tune.

Jenn:  Yeah, I could be on Rock and Roll Jeopardy!

She hums a few bars to Let's Get Physical and mentions the aerobics videos.

Ian sits quietly after saying he had a good night's sleep.  He woke up once because he was cold, but otherwise slept well.  He sat silent after that, not heeding Mike Boogie's advice yesterday to ask other people questions about themselves.  (This was a fairly significant conversation in my opinion--it was a gentle Come to Jesus meeting.  You can read about it here.)

Danielle eats up a bowl of slop. Wonder if her ears were itching when the guys were talking about her this morning?  Boogie isn't buying her lie about being a teacher---she was talking about electrolytes and other stuff and kept saying she had to study it for her certification.

What did I say about them lying about stupid things like that?  Just be a damn nurse and go with that.  As a matter of fact it is ironic that one of Dan Gheesling's big pieces of advice in order to be cast on a reality show is to be yourself.  Now he has to team members that are both dishonest about their lives.  Although Kara might not be lying as much as not telling the whole truth.

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