Monday, July 2, 2012

OK. Faux Janelle is Just F*cking With Us #BB14

So, according to "Janelle", she left for Greece last Saturday with her friends on a girls trip to Mykonos.  Sounds fun, right?

Well, if you've been keeping up with JanelleGate, you know that she is one of the rumored Mentors on this years BB14 season, and that her tweets have been widely scrutinized as to their validity. If you were actually living your life the past few days and missed all of this excitement, you can catch up by going here and here, then here and finally here.  And you probably should read this about how Janelle has had it UP TO HERE with a certain someone with loose lips.

OK. Now you know everything I know.

Faux Janelle tweeted this last night.

Let's take another look at the entire picture, okay?

That is one of the worst photoshops I have ever seen.  And couldn't they photoshop some Greek background stuff in there?

Trust me, I'm not the only one crapping on this picture.   But I guess that Kristin will believe anything. Unless maybe she is passive-aggressive and is trying to point out that Janelle is a new mother, prancing around in a slutty fashion for all to see, in order to subtly shame her.

Nah.  I think Kristin is probably a dumbass. 

Then Faux Janelle tweets again tonight from Greece, sending us a picture of a New York disco.

You know, I get the feeling Beau gets really, really good blow in Miami.  Hardly stepped on.  I mean, "allegedly".

Evel Dick gets the joke and comes back the following information to prove that Janelle is indeed on a vacation across the world.  I'm such a dork I laughed out loud when I saw this.

And, then Dick dishes a few insults, just because he can.

Dick used to do some shows for SuperPass, but he had some sort of payment issue with them and now he tosses grenades in their direction whenever he can.


  1. that ain't from a NY night club but it also ain't in Greece

  2. Google that link i just sent you


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