Friday, July 6, 2012

Newbie Preview - Meet Shane Meany. Well, Sort Of. #BB14

***CAUTION***  As stated below this video froze while I was watching it and appears to be no longer available on the SuperPass website.  I don't think that indicates that Alison Grodner Productions made Mr. Meany disappear like they made Mike-the-Sailboat-Instructor disappear, but who knows.  You can read about Mike's disappearing act here.

Meet Shane Meany, one of the lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.  This interview is content exclusive to SuperPass, where you can watch the live feeds starting on July 12th for a first hand view of all of the juicy action.

OK, here we go.

1.  Shane is a house flipper and this means he is a big risk taker.  The economy has been very rough and that calls for special skills,  He has a partner he works with and they have been quite successful and are very competitive.  This gives him a leg up on his competition, in his opinion.  You know, because he is competitive and takes risks.  (OK...)

2.  UH OH:  Shane is not going to tell anyone he is a house flipper.  He's crafty like that.  He is going to tell them he is a beer and wine salesman and does some personal training on the side so they don't know what a risk taker he is, and that he "handles money".

2.  UH OH #2:  Shane lets us know that he was also "Bachelor 2010 of Vermont in Cosmopolitan Magazine" and he doesn't want anyone to know that, either.  He also does some modeling on the side but I think he plans to disclose that.  Or not, I couldn't understand what he said after listening twice.

3.  UH OH #3:  Shane is "definitely going to be a hero in the Big Brother house".  He's going to start off being the nice guy and depending on the twist will take it from there.  He may become a villain at that time.

4.  UH OH #4:  Shane is a big fan of Hayden "for obvious reasons"  (what reasons are those?), and also a big fan of Brendon and Jeff.  I think he said the word "obviously" a few times, too, in conjunction with Brendon and Jeff.  I guess we are supposed to draw a correlation between their good looks and his?    Or is Shane just a fan of the best looking male houseguests?

I can't draw any conclusions at this point.  The video froze up on me and when I tried to go back and restart it, Shane's SuperPass interview is no where to be found.

I can't make my FEEDWATCHER FORECAST without seeing the entire video, in fairness to Shane.  Because if I had to draw all of my conclusions now, I would conclude that Shane Meany is douche who will not get very far in the game.

Whenever people go into the house and lie about who they are and what they do, it's not a good omen for their game (hence the Uh Oh's above).  Particularly when the things that they are hiding seem stupid.

For example, if someone works in real estate, are you automatically fearful of their totally awesome set of skills? the current economy I would assume that real estate professionals are going through tough times and need cash.  And if I hear that someone is the "Bachelor 2010 of Vermont in Cosmopolitan Magazine"?  I think I would just think they are a douche, so maybe that is why he wants to keep this super-important information private.

And don't even get me started on those puka shells.  Ha ha ha.

I will post an update link here when and if I ever get to finish watching Shane's SuperPass video.

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