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Newbie Preview - Meet JoJo Spatafora, Italian Hottie #BB14

Meet JoJo Spatafora, one of the lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.  This interview was posted on SuperPass and is exclusive content.   OK.  Here we go:

1.  JoJo has an accent we are all familiar with from the Jersey Shore.

2.  She is a promotional model.  You have a problem with that?   I think JoJo expects you to---she quickly defends it as good for networking, easy money.  She loves it.

3.  Ed Note:  Is she related to Vito Spatafora from The Sopranos?  You know, the rotund construction supervisor who was a little too interested in Meadow Soprano's fiance?  If so, I am truly sorry if I offend anyone in the entire Spatafora extended family.

4.  JoJo wants to be a villain, but is going to feel things out the first few weeks in the house.  She wouldn't mind being a floater but wants to see what the twist is.  Anything can happen, she might surprise us, who knows?  (Not a big show of confidence, but sometimes the mouthiest contestants in preseason interviews crash and burn the fastest.)

5.  Of course she will open Pandora's Box!  Big Brother is about taking chances and taking risks.

6.  She hopes this isn't like BB9 and they match them up with soulmates.  She also doesn't want to see anybody from her past like "an ex" or an enemy, etc.

7.  She describes herself as a "new" BB fan, but a hardcore fan.  She's a "quick fan, or whatever you want to call it".   She started watching it a few months ago and became obsessed and she sees why we're all obsessed!  (Translation:  She started watching during the casting process.  This doesn't mean she was "recruited" necessarily, but she might have gone to a blind audition without knowing it was Big Brother.)

8.  She has watched some of season 3, some of season 6, she watched some of season 8, some of season 9, she finished season 11, 12, and 13. (OK, that is a lot of Big Brother to watch in just a few months.  I'm guessing Production wanted her to be familiar with the Mentors, but it sounds like she may have missed Mike Boogie, huh?)  As soon as she is out of the house she wants to finish watching every single season.

9.  Her favorite season:  Season 8, because "I'm sure you agree with me...Evel Dick...amazing!"  She'd like to be the female Evel Dick, if that's possible.  (Evel Dick has already been putting it out there that JoJo is the hottest BB14 chick, so I know he will be thrilled to hear JoJo's praise.)

10.  The worst person on BB?  JoJo tells us that Rachel played a good game, but her attitude was terrible.

11.  Who could really mess up her game in the house?  JoJo had to really think about it, but she finally admitted that she would butt heads with Rachel, but she concedes that Rachel is "good TV and really fun to watch".  Also, JoJo doesn't know if we will remember her, but Carol from Season 8---"C'mon, do something and try to win! Don't just give up!"  (Yes, we remember Carol.  I remember Mike Donnellon talking about how bad Carol's breath was.  True story.)

12.  The male interviewer ask how she thinks she will do on slop.  JoJo groans.  She loves to cook and plans to do so in the house. One day "wittout" eating will put her in a grumpy mood, and she doesn't want to take a cold shower.  She hopes she doesn't have to be a Have Not, but whatever.

13.  I just noticed JoJo has one of those little diamond stud piercings on the left side of her upper lip.  Would you scar your face like that if you looked like her?  I wouldn't. Hell no.

14.  She wants to show the fans a good social game.  She's a big talker.  She's definitely single or ready to mingle but seems hesitant to have to hook up in the house.

15.  But if "I hadda...male or I'm not LIKE THAT, but if I hafta make out with a girl to help my game...just make out, I would."  She's not looking for a showmance, because it will affect her game and she doesn't want to be a target.  If she could do it on the DL though, she would do it and then get rid of them, maybe see them after the show.

16.  She is emotional and might cry if she hears from her family. She has a TWIN SISTER FRANCESCA and is going to be emotional about that.  If someone can really make her cry for real in there she will be surprised.  Her twin sister is her everything and if she can win, her sister would be so proud.  She misses her already but hopes to see her sister in Pandora's Box or win a phone call from her.

17.  She has a Big Brother named VITO SPATAFORA!!  OMG--see #3 above!  Vito is 31.  Her mom is a fan of Big Brother (a recent fan) and will be watching.  She is worried about her parents, grandparents, etc seeing her on the show and being disappointed in her.  They are very old fashioned but JoJo has to be herself and keep it real.

18.  She was "kind of a bad kid....staying out all night, getting wasted" and knows we can all relate to her.  She is by far from perfect and has made mistakes, but perfect "is boring".  She doesn't like responsibility at times and maybe this experience will help her grow up a little.

19.  If she wins she will use the money to help her family after everything they've done for her.  She will invest some of it, and will "definitely get $10,000 boobies...not too big, just up one cup size to D".

20.  She's a bit of a neat freak and won't like to live with people who don't clean up after themselves.  She is very blunt, honest and will tell it like it is.  She will cheat, lie, steal, whatever she has to do to win.

21.  Her favorite movie is The Boondock Saints--"c'mon what's not to love about two sexy badass twins who kick ass?"

22.  The last book she read was Eat, Pray, Love and she loves the message of it.  She is a huge reality TV fan...the Kardashians and the old shows like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love.  "The Bachelor..I like it, but it's kind of too classy for me.."

23.  She is a big Britney fan--she loves to dance, house music, the whole thing.  But she also loves Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, classic rock.  For some reason she thinks this combo is going to shock us.

24.  She loves sushi--tempura sushi especially.  (ha ha ha)  She does smoke and drinks wine here and there.  Her twitter is @JoJoDoll1 (I think?)

25.  This is the first time she's tried out for Big Brother.  She feels really lucky and that is a spiritual thing for her.  She feels nothing is impossible--the very word itself is "I am possible" and that is how we should all feel.

26.  She shows us her tats---this one "means nothing, but she likes stars".

27.  She says this one has meaning--I think it is the symbol for Virgo.  I'm guessing her sister has that one too.  (I have a gorgeous friend who always gets the same tattoos as her twin, but on opposite sides and different colors.)  Those are some shoes, huh?  (And now please welcome JoJo to the stage!  ha ha)

28.  And this one has meaning, I guess. She "loves to be different and stand out".

FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:  I'm thinking JoJo may be a polarizing force in the house.  With her beauty and what I am guessing is a Va Va Voom body, she is going to stand out whether she wants to or not.  We all know this is not a good thing in the Big Brother house.  She is going to have to work hard to get on the good side of the other alpha females, and not be too obvious about bonding with the guys.

I like JoJo and think she will make for some interesting live feed viewing.  I don't know if subtlety is in her bag of tricks, so there may be some great cat fights ahead of us.  I don't think JoJo will make the Jury.  (Sorry Vito!)

Who Will Be JoJo's Mentor?  Hmm.  I don't think Dan will touch that with a 10 foot pole.  But Mike Boogie will probably be first in line for that, whether he's her mentor or not.  I don't think Janelle will be afraid to take her on. 

***Also, from my extensive business travel (almost 4 years of 48 weeks a year on the road) I think I can recognize an Embassy Suites living room suite there in the background. ***

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