Thursday, July 5, 2012

Newbie Preview - Meet Jenn Arroyo, Rocker Chick #BB14

Jenn Arroyo is one of lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.  This interview is exclusive content on SuperPass.  In contrast to previous years, this interview is chopped up so that it moves quickly, rather than traditional question and answer format.

OK, here we go.

1.  Jenn is the oldest house guest I've seen so far, and she is a singer/guitarist in the band Jenn City, and is formerly the bass player in Kitty.

2.  Jenn has a bubbly personality and is very energetic.  She seems intelligent and is expressive, using her hands a lot.  She tells us in a humorous fashion that she "has some smarts".

3.  She plans to be an honest player who will "definitely break some hearts and a little dirty work in the background".  She thinks people will judge her on her looks and will use that intimidation to her advantage.  She plans to "lean back ever so slightly because people tend to give things away with their actions, and their vocabulary".  She is very good at reading people and "can smell a rat from a mile away".

4.  She is very physical and loves to work out, loves to run. 

5.  She is going to play the competitions by ear.  It may be in her favor to throw one now and then, she may need to "throw some wild cards out there".

6.  She's "worried about slop, but she's not worried about slop".  She will miss her own home cooking but as long as she's getting the proper nutrients she should be okay.

7.  She looks forward to wearing the crazy costumes in the competitions like being a big hamburger.  She doesn't just say that, she elaborates by naming the toppings and the way they would flow off her body. (She's expressive.)  Jenn:  "I'm on my way to a half million dollars, what do I care?"

8.  She will probably gravitate towards the guys, but her "female friends are amazing".  Some women are catty at first then they get over it.  She will probably cry in the house--she is not afraid to show her emotions.  She's a sensitive soul.

9.  Her biggest fear is a snotty person whose never worked a day in their life.  Jenn:  "I just can't.  I just can't."

10.  She is not a smoker, but can drink us all under the table.

11.  She will miss cooking, whipping up some eggs and salsa, or a panini..she loves a great sandwich... and good Mexican food.  She would love to cook for the house and jokes she will burn it down.

12.  She wants to look nice in the house so she has to flat iron her hair.  That is the one girly thing she will cop to, is caring about her hair.  She hopes Big Brother has a flat iron for her.  (They can't take their own appliances in, I guess.)

13.  Not being able to play her bass is going to be "brut-al" for her, but she is willing to make that sacrifice to further her career.

14.  She has two stepbrothers who are twins.  She thinks her family will be super proud of her and will understand her antics.  She thinks they will get a kick out of the show and will expect her to get into trouble in the house.  Jenn:  "They know how I roll...they know me...they love me.."

15.  Jenn is "absolutely" single and expects to get into "nekkid lady trouble" in the house.  She's not looking for  showmance but if there are some pretty ladies she will be looking at the menu but not necessarily touching.  If a showmance comes up, she is "looking for either" but she knows that there may be hidden agendas there.  (I think by "either" she meant either a real relationship or a showmance, not a man or a woman.)  If there is a pretty lady, she can be a sucker, so she needs to be careful.  If it is legit, she will "thank the love gods" for bringing that to her.

16.  The ladies she likes are confident, sexy, smart, takes good care of herself and her body and has that special something.

17.  Ladies she doesn't like just talk too much about nothing.  Jenn is all about a good conversation but if they can't carry one Jenn is out of the door.  If you can talk to her then you are going to be friends or lovers...something.  The kind of guys she doesn't like are the close-minded, frat boy ones--she just can't deal with that.

18.  She would like to put together a "nice tight team" in the house as an alliance, but needs to play it by ear.  She doesn't need a huge alliance--she thinks that can hurt you in the game.  She is worried about circumstances outside the house---she hope her family is well but she is afraid of getting a phone call about trouble with her real life.

19. Boondock Saints and American History X are her favorite movies. (JoJo said her favorite was Boondock Saints!)  She loves a good zombie movie.

20.  She loves music to move her soul.  Metal, rock and roll, classic, house, dubstep, she likes it all.  She doesn't love country music, but she likes the stories they tell in the songs and appreciates them.  Her band Jenn City is "rock and roll with metal sprinkles on top".

21.  Her band found out about BB when they saw the invitation in her guitar case.  She had just told them that "something was being filmed, to be ready for filming on Sunday, and to trust her that it would be good for them and it could change all of their lives".  She said they "freaked the fuck out and couldn't believe it and it happened right in front of them."

22. She has played on "tons of albums".  The Kitty album "Until the End", for Suicide City both of their albums, and the new Jenn City album will be out in October and is titled Out for Blood.  She jokes that if our towns still have record stores, we can find them there.

23.  She shows us a few of her many tats.  First the Mom tattoo.  She loves her mom and looking at that tat will help her get through the next few months.

24.  Then she shows us how she can turn it upside down and it says Wow. Her mom likes that.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

25.  Then she shows off her chest, joking that she's not trying to flash anybody.  The male voice says "Yet.." and she laughs with him.  These are her "faith and hope" tattoos and she wants to look in the mirror everyday and remember that.

26.  We can find her on Twitter @missjenncity and also Facebook.

FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:   Wow I really like Jenn.  She is a fast talker but her babble has content.  She is a ball of personality and I think Jenn Arroyo is a star.  How will that play in the house?  The last lesbian that was cast (that I can think of) was Ivette (BB6) who hid it until fairly late in the game. Jenn is just right out there with it and I think that genuine attitude will help her.  I hope Jenn goes far, but she is surely going to need to suffer some fools along the way.

Who Will Be Jenn's Mentor?   Hmm.  I guess it depends on the format of the Mentor-Mentee interviews.  If they get a private one-on-one interview with the Mentors, then I can't imagine that all of them won't want her on the team.  Except maybe Dan, since he is kind of right wing conservative.  I think Mike Boogie would be wise to pick Jenn early in the draft.

**So far I'm impressed with the casting. **

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