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Newbie Preview - Meet Frank Eudy, A Vicious Son #BB14

Meet Frank Eudy, one of the lucky newbies cast for Big Brother 14.  This is a recap of a SuperPass interview which is exclusive to their website.  Just a few days left to order SuperPass at the Early Bird price of $29.99 for three months.  That should be long enough for the entire Big Brother season, but if it's not, don't worry.  The last few days of the live feeds can be pretty dull, so you might not be missing much at the end there.   Trust that I will do all I can to keep you informed.  You can order your own SuperPass live feeds by clicking the box on the upper left corner of this website.

OK, let's get to Frank.

1.  The first thing to notice about Frank is his thick mane of curly hair.  I think I stared at it first and it took me a few minutes to see everything else.  Everything else is pretty darned attractive.  Nice facial structure, nice even choppers --a fine looking man.  I was trying to picture him with a different hair style, and then realized that his hair is part of his look, his charm.  I don't think it is going to bother me as much as Hayden Moss' hair did (BB12).  Hayden was so caveman-like.  I referred to him as Teen Wolf at times.  I must point out that Chelsia Hart said he reminded her of Carrot Top, but I can't co-sign that after spending the last hour watching and listening to him.

2.  Frank has a Southern accent that I would describe as gentle, without an aggressive drawl or redneck sound. Probably because he is originally from Arkansas, but sounds like he spent a lot of time in Florida, which can mix it up a bit.  He doesn't sound stupid, if you know what I mean.

3.  Frank is a blinker.  I'll just disclose that right now.  It's not hard to catch him blinking, either.  In fact, here you go.

4.   Frank is a Big Brother fan from way back.  He started watching Season 6 because a girlfriend suggested they watch it together, and he was hooked.  This is his third year applying for the show.  He went to an open call in Nashville and made  the finals for BB12,  went to an open call in Tampa, made the finals and was selected as an alternate for BB13.  This means he was one of the people schlepping around the Burbank Sheraton (or wherever) sequestered like the other house guests last year, but then got shipped back home when they didn't need him. This year he went to an open call in Miami and it looks like "he made it all the way to TV this year".

5.  Frank is a proud alumni of the Univ of Memphis and says "Go Tigers!"  He is from Arkansas but is living in Naples Florida now.

6.  Frank has been watching a lot of basketball lately, and mentions that he is a Knicks fan because of Amare Stoutamire, but says this summer he should root for the Lakers since he's in L.A.  Then he remembers his hometown team, the Grizzlies, and laughingly apologizes to the fans at home for that.

 7.  He uses basketball to describe his BB strategy, so he lost me there with some of the details but you can see how thrilled he is to be playing Big Brother when he talks about it.  He wants to go in the house and just "float in it" and do all of the things that Big Brother fans dream of doing.  He wants to build a "Dream Team" in the house and will let other people think they are running the alliance if he needs to.

8.  The BB players he most likes are Dan Gheesling, because he was the underdog, didn't hurt anybody's feelings, and came back and won it, killing Memphis with the final votes.  He gives Chilltown a shout out and says how much fun Dr. Will and Mike Boogie were to watch.  And Jeff and Jordan are America's Sweethearts so it is fun to watch them.

9.  Frank lists Chima as one of the house guests he couldn't stand.  She had a terrible attitude from the start and acted like she didn't want to be there.  He appreciated that Adam Poch was a Super Fan, but he didn't make any moves in the house and that was disappointing.

10.   Frank would like to improve on the "Super Fan play", mentioning how Adam fell in to a Bromance with Jeff and didn't play his own game.  He thinks there will be no returning players this year since they had them last year, so he doesn't think this will be a risk for him.  (!!)  He doesn't want to see someone whose personality he liked on TV and want to be their friend in the house--it might mess up his game.  (!!!)

11.  Frank's dad was a professional wrestler who was most recently known as Sid Vicious.  He isn't sure how much he will reveal about this in the house.  Frank doesn't want the other houseguests to think this has anything to do with his being cast on the show, or to think that he doesn't need to win the money.

12.  He does need to win the money because he's unemployed, and has been for awhile.  He thinks he is unemployed because he hasn't found a job that sparked something in him, a passion.  He doesn't know what he wants to do in life so he doesn't want to waste time with "just a job".

13.  His father started out small in wrestling, they lived in a small town so it was exciting to see his career grow and see him on TV.  Then he made a name for himself and it was a fun life to have growing up.  His dad didn't even graduate high school but did great on TV. This gives Frank confidence that he can do well on TV, but he stresses that the reason he tried out for Big Brother is that he's a Super Fan.

14.  His mother and his "Nana" are both Big Brother fans so he knows they will be watching the show, and also the "24 hour feeds".   He has a little brother who is 6 inches taller than Frank.  Frank is the short one in the family, but I think he said he is at least 6 feet tall.  He says his family is small--just his mom and his brother. (I guess his parents are divorced?  Or has his dad passed away?)

15.  He doesn't want to lose his temper in the house, because he's seen this happen on the show and he doesn't like it.  He would be surprised if he cried in the house--that is not Frank's style.  He doesn't like to see people lash out at other people on BB.

16.  He is a clean person, but a messy person. He says it is an "organized mess" and he can step over other people's mess without a problem.  But someone who doesn't clean up their own dishes will annoy him.  He also doesn't like guys who are douchebags and doesn't want to elaborate on those traits since it might offend some of the fans. 

17.  He will lie and manipulate if he has too, but will still try to keep a smile on his face and be friendly.  He is aware that being likable and friendly can make him a target, though.  If he can entertain people and make them laugh, it might make people keep him around a while longer.

18.  He would like to be at least on the jury so he can decide who wins BB14.  He does not want to reward floaters, and thinks he is a big enough man to vote for someone to win who was responsible for getting him evicted if he thinks they deserve to win.

19.  Although he admires Dan Gheesling, he thinks he is more like Mike Boogie.  Mike Boogie just worked his game and didn't make too many enemies.  When asked what former house guests he might like to see in the house, he mentions Janelle, since it would be nice to see her pretty face.  (I hope the camera shows us a shot of Frank's face when the Mentors are revealed--so exciting for him!)

20.  He would not like to see someone like Evel Dick.  He doesn't feel like he can really trust him since he knows the game so well.

21.  He might play some chess in the house, and wishes they would put up a basketball net in the backyard.  He would also love to play Ping Pong since he plays at home and is pretty good at it.  He will be working out, too.  Exercise is a "cornerstone" in his life, and we can "Get Fit with Frank" this summer in the BB house if we'd like to.

22.  He doesn't want to pester people about working out or eating healthy.  That's not his style.  If they want his help or advice, they will come to him and ask for it.  He eats 3 - 4 egg whites every morning, and lots of vegetables.  He wants us to vote for some good food if he is on slop.  The foods he will miss most this summer are "a really good pizza" and sushi. 

23.  Frank captures my own heart by mentioning that he is going to miss the Season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad.  (July 15th on AMC!)  It's hard for me not to be a Frank fan after hearing him say that.  He also watches Boardwalk Empire, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  He likes to watch Big Brother After Dark, too on Showtime.

24.  His favorite movie is Ghostbusters, but also loves Blow, Garden State, The Beach and has varied tastes.  He has been reading more lately, particularly strategic books to get mentally ready for Big Brother. He mentions the Machevellian Prince (?), the Laws of Power, and the Art of War.

25.  He likes all types of music, particularly hip hop since he lived in Memphis.  He mentions Biggie Smalls and some other rapper whose name included numbers--I just couldn't get that for you.  Also old school rock like Van Halen.

26.  He thinks his hair will be okay out in LA with the low humidity, but says we will see some Bed Head that will be hilarious first thing in the morning.

27.  He predicts at least 3 HOH wins, and 5 POVS.  He would like beef jerky and almond butter in his HOH basket.  He wouldn't want to open Pandora's Box if he is in a strong spot with his Alliance, since it could hurt his game, but he doesn't want to disappoint the fans.

28.  He "doesn't really smoke" but does expect to have a few cocktails in the house this summer.

29.  He is very single ("single as a jaybird") and made sure he would be single since he is certainly open to the thought of hooking up in the Big Brother house.  He would have a showmance with a girl he could trust, and apart from that she needs to be a cute girl with a great personality and good sense of humor. Frank is partial to girl with "a big rack and a nice smile".   He thinks a showmance could trip him up, though and mess up his game.  He might be particularly vulnerable to getting attached to a lady in the house because there are no outside distractions and you are so cut off from the rest of the world.

30.  He likes the online Big Brother community and has friends who are Super Fans who tell him what is going on.  Chris Miller and his wife Jessica, and Daniel Robinson get shout outs as his friends who will be watching the show this year.

31.  He says he doesn't have the internet, nor a computer at his house right now (wow he must be poor then) but he can see the internet on his phone a little.  He got a Twitter account so he could find out when the Big Brother castings would be held two years ago.

32.  Frank tells the fans that if we are ever selected to be on Big Brother, we should be happy, and grateful for the experience.

 33.  He has been told not to talk to the cameras in the BB house too much, but he thinks he will try to address the live feeders from time-to-time.  He mentions how much the fans liked Evel Dick because he would get his morning coffee and go outside and talk to the fans while he drank it.

34.  If Frank wins he will buy a new car.  He knows that if you start spending too early,it will go too fast.  He might buy a new Avalanche truck, or a Mercedes G500 (?), then save the rest.

FEEDWATCHER FORECAST:  Yet another house guest that I really like.  Frank is someone that at first glance looked like a slacker, but after listening and watching, I am very impressed with how thoughtful and considerate he seems.   I know he wants a showmance, and I'll think he'll get one, or at least hook up a little.  I don't think he's the guy the girls will go for first, but he is the one who will hook them in with his charm, humor, and good manners.  Even unemployed, I think he will attract the ladies.

I can imagine Frank SHITTING A BRICK to be living in the house with a former Playmate of the Year.  I'm thinking Danielle the Nurse has Frank's name all over her.  Just a guess.

I love that Frank is a Super Fan who wants to play the game hard and represent us well.  I hope he isn't too dazzled by the likes of Janelle, since he pointed out that could be a risk for him.  Like he said himself in the interview, if he goes home early it is because he did something stupid.

Don't do anything stupid Frank.  We need you in there this summer.

Who Will Be Frank's Mentor?  I think they will fight over him, since he appears athletic and comes off as intelligent when he speaks for a few minutes.  I think he needs to be on Mike Boogie or Dan Gheesling's team as his best advantage.  I'm worried that he will be star struck by Janelle and that could be an issue.

***I think Frank is the first houseguest NOT to mention Rachel Reilly.  So that is a plus for originality.***


  1. i'm a live feeder, and a huge fan of Frank this season - clearly i am posting late, just two short weeks to the finale and frank is now in the jury house; but i must say yours is the best interview of Frank by far, I post on AABB (All About Big Brother) and will share this with everyone there. I too liked Frank from the get go, and he didn't disappoint; I hope CBS ups the prize to 1 MIL just in time to invite Frank back, and win it all. I'm sad to hear Frank doesn't have a PC, but I hope he gets one, I would love to sit with him for some Flashback Discussions. Much love <3

  2. Thanks so much! I hope Frank wins America's Choice. He played so hard, and loves the game so much.

    And it would be fun to see everyone's face when Julie announces it....


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