Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Newbie Preview - Kara Monaco - #BB14

Kara is a beautiful 29 year old blonde model.  She seems quiet and kind of Jordan-like, and of course she mentions Jordan as one of her favorite players.

But she has watched Big Brother since season 7 and is here to play the game.  This is the link to a local interview of Kara conducted just before she went in the house, I'm guessing.

Big Secret - She was a Playmate of the Year, and wants to keep that quiet in the house if she can.  (Being able to do that would be a miracle.)  This is obviously a professional video--it's Kara in a striptease but I must emphasize the word "tease".  Beautiful girl next door type.

She says she will do anything to win the game.  She's single.

There are A LOT of YouTube videos of Kara to choose from.  I've picked one more for you that will do us all a bit of good.  A Sexy Legs workout video!

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